A and D (21)

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I yawned.

Two days to go before the last game of the Basketball season. Yes – Oh no, wait. There was still the State Championships. Darn.

I laid back my head, staring at the ceiling. I was currently at the Stallion Press’ Headquarters, coming up with questions to ask Aaron this Saturday after the game. After all, they had been undefeated since the season started.

I sat on the red armchair, in front of my desk.

It had been half an hour ago since the bell rang. I went straight here. I didn’t want to go home yet. And I had nothing else to do because I'd already finished my research a couple of weeks ago.

It was already the first week of February. Time sure soared fast.

Knock, knock!

My eyes flew to the door. I sighed when it was only Dwayne. Seriously, who else would it be? Or rather, who was I expecting it to be?

Dwayne came in, smiling like always.

“Did you get next week’s menu at the cafeteria?” I asked as he sat on the couch at the corner of the room. I stood up and leaned on my desk, facing him.

He waved his notes and placed it on the table in front of him. While I was assigned to the Sports Column, he was assigned to the Food Column – whereas, Alyson was the main photographer of the Stallion Press. The others had their own responsibilities.

“Good,” I nodded, smiling. That was one less work.

“Hey, I was wondering,” said Dwayne, the smile disappearing on his face. “Are you free this Saturday night?”

“Well, no,” I answered a-matter-of-factly. “That’s the night of the last game of the Basketball season. I have to watch. After all, the Stallions are undefeated.”

“Oh,” mumbled Dwayne. He looked disappointed. “How about after the game?” he asked expectantly.

“Hmmm,” I thought about it. But then, I remembered. “Yeah, I’ve got to interview A – I mean, Aaron Ford – about their undefeated record,” I added uneasily.

Dwayne frowned a bit. “If you’re uncomfortable about it, you can ask someone else to do the interview for you,” he said seriously.

I stared at his sudden seriousness.

“Uh, I’m assigned to do the Sports Column, remember?” I reminded him. “Besides, everybody else already have something to do.”

But if I was going to be honest, I wanted to do the interview myself. I wanted to have a reason for speaking to Aaron. What could I say? I’d really missed talking to him other than the Yes-and-No type of talk.

“I could do it for you,” offered Dwayne.

I stared at him again. Sometimes, Dwayne just acted really weird. I wasn't stupid. I knew that they had this undeniable tension between him and Aaron. So why would he offer to interview someone who was clearly the opposite of him?

Plus, Aaron would flip. I was afraid that he might do something to Dwayne. I didn’t want him to get in trouble.

“No,” I refused.

“Why not?” asked Dwayne curiously.

“First,” I paused to rack my brain, “you hate Basketball. How could you interview a Basketball player of a sport that you don’t like? You can’t help but be subjective.”

He looked at me for a few seconds, considering my statement. He sighed, as though giving up.

“Alright, then. Do you have anything else to do after the interview?”

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