Please read entire note.

I wish I had thought of the idea to post the fanfiction sooner, but I didn't and but I finally finished it, and thanks for to all the people who gave this story a shot--you voted, and commented (I read EACH AND EVERY COMMENT). Thanks to @hayitzmaddie14 for the DM to Myles, you rock. Hopefully, this story gets as many views as the first fanfiction, and thanks for the kind words, telling me how I'm a great writer--cause I can be insecure at times. I'm still trying to improve and make myself better, but still, thank you.

Everything in this story was 100% made up, and coincidently, while I was in the middle of chapter 9-10, that's when I took a break to go on Instagram, and Jack posted that they were dating, which I was totally shocked about. So other than Jack dating Madison, everything else is 100% made up. I just chose Jack to be in the fanfiction because he's really hot, and he's my next favorite Original Magcon that wasn't in the first fanfiction.

I'm still working on more stories–mostly fiction than fan fiction because I want to branch off a bit and try something new. But would you guys still read my books if it weren't girlfriend fiction? I have lots of ideas and don't know where to start. But follow me for updates.
Update : (12/16/16)
I've decided to change my username to mercedeswisner. Hopefully, my stories will be more out there that way. Even if it means changing all my book covers 😩 but Thanks for the support.
Since you've read this far, comment your favorite MAGCON member: I love you guys.

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