Luke Brooks

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1. Luke's full name Luke Anthony Mark Brooks. 

2. Luke was born on May 3, 1995.

3. Luke is 19 years old.

4. Luke is Italian/Australian.

5. Luke plays the guitar. 

6. Luke doesn't like girls who swear.

7. Luke has a fear of crossing roads.

8. Luke's favorite color is blue.

9. Luke is two minutes older than Jai.

10. Luke would live in Hawaii if he had a choice.

11. When Luke was 8, he was in a commercial that aired in Japan.

12. Luke likes girl that are cute, down to earth, respectful, and loyal.

13. Luke is 5'7.

14. Luke has been suspended in school.

15. Luke finds it offensive when people can't tell the difference between him and Jai.

16. Luke always checks Jai's followers to make sure he has more.

17. Luke finds Asian, Spanish, and Italian girls attractive.

18. Luke admits that he gets bullied every day (Poor luke :c)

19. Luke's fashion choice was inspired by One Direction.

20. Luke loves taking selfies.

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