Ch 10: A Little Bit Of Heaven

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[still now]

Slipping on his robe, Sam followed Tova into the kitchen and sat heavily on the stool by the counter as she put the kettle on. He watched as she selected pinches of various herbs from her herb jars and put them in a mug.

Shortly she placed the mug, now steaming, before him and leaned on the counter.

"Now don't that just smell like a little bit of heaven," he sighed.

"Basil and rose petals," she murmured. "Do you want to tell me about the dream?"

"It was too real," he said, hunching his shoulders. "I don't think I can. Tova, you got to see where I'm at, here - I mean, the man tried to take you away from me."

"You make it sound like he wanted me for himself, when really he just thought I was bad for your career. And he also tried to kill you."

Sam took a deep draught from his mug. "Ah. But he did not succeed, now, did he? So what is there to talk about?"

"I don't know. Maybe you're right. Maybe it was just being at the hospital the other day that brought the whole thing up again."

Back in bed, with her husband sleeping peacefully beside her, Tova couldn't help remembering what had taken him to the hospital emergency room that last time - and the events that had led up to it.

She'd had no premonition of what Montgomery Dickson was up to - not until after he'd tried to get the ring from her. Fortunately, despite the despair that had been clouding her mind at that time, in that terrible winter when she thought she'd lost Sam so soon after she'd found him, she'd still had the wherewithal to be suspicious of Dickson.

Snuggling down under the duvet now, she rested her head against Sammy's warm, solid shoulder and thought back to the first winter after they'd met.

The memories were not all bad ...


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