Ch 6: Happily Ever After?

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It had been a pleasant enough evening, but after a few hours of residual tingling from her evening with Sam, Tova had gone to sleep and woke up the next morning sensibly resigned to the idea that she'd probably never see him again.  Fortunately she'd gotten over the habit of forming stupid emotional attachments to men she barely knew.

It had only taken about half a century.

But then, there he'd been at the bookstore when she came back from running an errand a few days later. Tova worked for the special events department of a local chain, and she spent a lot of time setting up chairs for author readings and fetching lattes for visiting agents. Her boss liked to give that personal touch.

"Hi, Sam. Are you here to see someone?"

He was sitting on a chair outside her boss's office.

"I sure am," he'd said, rising. "You. You neglected to give me your phone number - and I neglected to ask for it," he chuckled. "I was hopin' you might join me for some lunch, if you've got the time."

And they'd had lunch. And they had exchanged phone numbers.


"And then you lived happily ever after?" George asked, as he rose to help Tova clear the dinner table.

She exchanged a look with her husband, who shrugged.

"Not exactly," she said.


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