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I sat up in bed watching The Boondocks as I thought about the kiss I'd shared with Bruce yesterday. I don't think that was supposed to happen, on top of that, Bruce is just too young for me. I never saw myself being involved with a young child. From what I'm assuming, he's still in high school, and I just didn't have time for that. I really hoped he didn't start catching feelings for me.

I'd sunk down into my pillow, getting too caught up in Pops cussing at the cashier in the movie theater about having to put butter on his own popcorn. I started to laugh when I heard a text message come through on my phone. Picking up my phone from the right side of me, I look at the screen to see that I'd gotten a text from a number that I wasn't familiar with. Studying the number for a moment, I started to assume that it had to be Bruce since I'd just given him my number just yesterday. Sighing, I enter into the text message to see what was said.

Unsaved number: Good morning, beautiful. Did u get everything handled w ur car?

Me: Oh. Yes. I have the car now. Thanks for checking up on me. You're too sweet ☺️

Unsaved number: Good! Watch ur back... U never know who's watching u. I see u have a new boo. U really like him?

At that moment, I started to become a little freaked out. This couldn't have been Bruce. That's when it hit me. This couldn't have been anyone else but Cheri. Just looking at the text message, it had me mad as hell. Not only did this bitch flatten my fucking tires, she was making fun of me. I couldn't believe this shit. I tried remaining calm, but I knew that the calmness was way out of the door. I wanted to share some words with this bitch, but part of me knew that I had to keep my calm because this hoe was proving to me exactly how insane she was.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. She already made sure that I wasn't messing around with Tray. She acted as if she was his warden or something. Now, I could be devious and seek out for Tray and fuck with him again just because she wanted to play kid games, but I was going to let her calm her little ass down before messing with Tray again. She thinks she's got a hold on me and that she could fool around with me, but she had another thing coming. I could be an evil bitch, too. I rolled my eyes again and just responded to the text.

Me: Never text me again!

Unsaved number: Or what?

Me: I shouldn't have to explain myself to a child...

Unsaved number: Child? Ok, hoe! Lls 😂

I didn't bother responding to her text afterwards. I just put my phone back down and trying to get back into The Boondocks, watching Huey and Uncle Ruckus have a fight battle. I started imagining that Uncle Ruckus was Cheri and I was Huey. I wanted to beat her little ass, but I knew that me fighting was way out of my element and I shouldn't react the way that she wanted me to. But what grown woman does shit like this? I understand that I may have fucked up her family, but she needed to be acting childish with her husband. Not me.

My phone started to ring. If this was Cheri, I swear she was going to get a piece of me and I was going to deliver her an ass whooping if she didn't leave me alone. When I picked up the phone, it was another unsaved number calling me. Who knows, it could be Cheri playing games with me and I just didn't want to be involved with any of her kid games, seriously. I knew that she didn't want me seeing Tray and as bad as I didn't want to be seeing Tray, I just couldn't fight off the love that I'd had for this man. So, she was going to have to do whatever she wanted to do. I wasn't going to stop seeing Tray as long as he made himself available to me. If Tray were to be at my door right now, I'd be all over him, begging him to stay with me and leave Cheri's crazy ass alone. There's no telling what she's capable of.

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