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So what with all the Were-wolves and Vampires and best friend romances I was racking my brains for a new(ish) idea and thought of PIRATES! I mean wow if Jack Sparrow is anything to go by Pirates can be pre-tty dang hot right? Lol so anyways, READ AND ENJOY :D

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Daisy x

P.S this chapter is dedicated to Storyreader1996 for being as excited as I am about Pirates. And for loving Johnny Depp. 


UPDATE - 14/07/2013

Hey guys!

To all of you who are just beginning to read this story, just to let you know that it is under the process of being edited, by my newly appointed editor - Bookworm177 - Who is doing a great job so far. This won't affect you guys in any way, just thought I would let you know :)
Love Daisy xx

 I was 15 when it happened.

The bombs lit up the night sky like fireworks, but instead of shrieks of delight, screams of horror echoed through the blackness while the stars twinkled down coldly, detached from the rest of the world.

I stood on my balcony, watching the unfolding chaos below. As the daughter of the Duke, I was in no particular danger, but I was not surprised that no-one had arrived to check on me yet. I was one among six other children and when you are the reason for your own Mother leaving the earth, it didn’t exactly make you ‘Daddy’s favorite’.  

Nor did it seem to make you your Step Mothers favorite either. I didn’t blame her. My Father didn’t want her. He didn’t love her like he had loved my mother. This thought gave me some satisfaction as I sighed, resting my elbows on the marble railing surrounding the balcony.

I watched indifferently from my perch, only feeling faint stirrings of sympathy for the poor souls down below. I rested my hand on my cheek and heaved another sigh. My life was so boring, all I did was sit in my room all day and play piano. That was the one thing Father loved me for. He said I played it as beautifully as my mother had, and for that reason – whenever I played – I made sure to keep the windows open, so that the sound could drift down from my turret room to the rest of the house. It was my way of telling my Father I loved him and forgave him, and even though he ignored me, I knew he understood.

Another bomb whistled through the night sky, and buried itself in a poorly thatched roof, quickly setting it alight. It only took the light breeze that was whistling through the courtyard before the one was followed by five more and soon most of the lower part of the town was on fire. I looked around the courtyard, searching for the guards.

There was no lights glowing from within the castle to show that anyone in the family had heard the impending doom of our small town, but surely Father would have woken by now? Alerted by one of his men? Daddy may neglect his family but his town was everything to him, he ruled with a firm, fair hand.

Sure enough I spied a light floating in the window of the Army Captains headquarters, and if I strained my ears, the faint sound of raised voices could be heard. Not interested enough to attempt to listen in, I looked back out to sea, my billowing white night gown tangling round my feet, the gentle wind lifting my hair off my back and floating it around my face. Screams of the dying echoed through the night and the roar of cannons rang out every once in a while.

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