9-Nate's Secret

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I woke up to something or someONE poking my arm.  I slowly open my eyes and immediately see that it's still dark out.

Could it be Angel? Is she going to kidnap me again?

I quickly turn to face whatever is poking me and discover that it's not Angel.  It's Nate.  I smile and immediately rap my arms around him.

"I'm so glad you're here." I whisper in his ear.  We separate and I look around the room wondering were Spencer is. "Where's Spencer?"

He smiles and replies, "Well, he almost fell asleep at the wheel about five hours into the drive so I started driving and he has been passed out ever since."

"So he's in the car?" I ask starting to giggle a little.

"Yup."  He pauses and starts to look serious.  "So can you truly tell me what happened?  I know you didn't trip.  Plus you weren't coming to my house.  Is someone after you?  Did Logan do this to you?" He asks me with a worried expression on his face.

"No!" I basically scream.  I couldn't imagine Logan ever doing this to me.  "Well, Logan has this psycho ex-girlfriend that cheated on him and now she wants him back.  First, she took his phone and every time I was with Logan, she sent me a threatening text.  I was at his house and got a text from her.  She said 'I told you to stay away.  Now you will pay."

"Wow, she's a bitch." Nate said chuckling a little bit.

"So I lied to Logan and told him that Spencer was sick and I had to go home.  On the way home I stopped for gas.  This pump was stupid and I had to go in to pay.  Then I went to the bathroom but before I went in, I saw this girl in sunglasses wearing all black and she looked suspicious.  When I came out, she was gone.  I thought I was just going crazy and overreacting but then all of a sudden I blacked out."

"It was Angel, wasn't it?" He asks obviously worried.

"Yup.  I found that out when I finally woke up.  She put me in a cave and starting talking to me about how Logan probably just feels bad for me because of what happened to my family and doesn't really like me."

"That's bullshit!" He mutters under his breath.

"I made a deal with her." I say quietly.

"You didn't Chlo."

"I had to.  And it sucks because we can't tell the police that she did this because then she will just tell the cops about me and Logan.  There isn't much I could do."

He sighs and motions for me to continue.

I look down as I tell him the deal. "I had to break up with Logan.  She has a week to convince him to be with her.  When the week is over, she is going to tell him that he has to decide between Angel and me.  I know he will choose me so I'm not worried."

"What if he doesn't?" He asks honestly.

"Then I hope your shoulder is available to cry on." I say part jokingly and part seriously.

He pulls me into a hug. "Now I know that you probably don't want to talk about my problems but......"

I sigh. "What is it this time Nate?" He always has problems.  Usually with all of the girls he has dated.

"Well, I think I like someone.  For real this time.  Not just like one of those girls I dated.  It's more than that."  He says seriously.

Wow, this is different from all of the other problems he has had.  This is for real.  Awwww so adorable.  He is like a brother to me and I'm so happy he comes to me for stuff.  I know that he trusts me and I can trust him too.

"So are you going to ask her our or something?"

"Well, I'm afraid that she will say no.  Plus if she does, things will just be awkward.  We are really good friends and I don't want to make things weird but I really need to do something about my feelings.  I have never felt this way."  He says staring at his feet as he sits down on the bed next to me.  "Gosh, I sound like a girl.  You know what, nevermind.  Just forget I said anything.  Gosh, this is embarrassing."

He stands up and starts walking towards the door but I quickly stand up and pull his arm towards me.  He turns around.

He stares at me sincerely and suddenly a thought pops into my head.

"Nate?  Is it me?" I would feel bad if it was me.  I would go out with him if it was me but I have Logan now.  Plus I trust him as I friend but I don't know if I trust him as a boyfriend.  I always tell myself, 'Don't forget his is a player.'

I must have not heard him respond because he is staring at me waiting for me to respond.

"Sorry, what did you say?" I ask guiltily.

"I don't like you.  I like Paige." He looks down at his feet.  He looks ashamed but I am ecstatic!

"Omg! You like Paige! That is perfect!  I'm so excited! Okay! I will help you.  This is going to be so cool! Ahhhh! I'm so happy for you guys!"

"Hey Chlo, calm down.  She hasn't said yes yet.  And I don't even know if she will.  I was a player in the past.  She might not trust that I wouldn't cheat on her. And I wouldn't! I swear!" He says in a way that makes me believe that he truly does want this.

"Okay.  I will calm down but I am going to help you plan something fantastic.  She won't see it coming and she will definitely say yes."

"Haha okay. Thanks Chlo.  Well I'm tired so I am going to go sleep in one of those hospital chairs.  Well, try." He says with a smile.  I can tell he is happy now.

"Woah woah woah.  You just woke me up to tell me the most exciting news I have ever heard and you expect me to fall back asleep?" I yell. I probably shouldn't have considering everyone in the hospital is sleeping but I don't care.  I can yell if I want.

"Yes. Goodnight."

So I lay back in bed on my back and stare at the ceiling with my eyes wide open.  I would understand if Paige said no but then I would feel so bad for Nate.  Paige would too.

I just need to think of a plan that would blow Paige's mind away.


Author's Note

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