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Ellen lomax ~A hollyoaks story

I woke up with light streaming on to my face I could hear the birds chirping on this cold winter morning. As I got out of bed I got changed and did makeup. I ran down stairs to see Tegan sitting with baby rose "your up early." She said sounding so surprised "well I have to get to six form on time or I get suspended and mum and dad will kill me if I do!" I said back. I walked in to the kitchen to see Peri and Leela having breakfast "Hey Pez I'll walk you to school today yeah" as soon as I said it her face lit up "Sure I'll go get dressed!" With that she ran up stairs.

"Woah calm down Sam I need to get ready" dad replied
"Mum calm down dads write you know you need to relax." Teegs said. When Peri came down stairs we left for school
--------------at lunch--------------

Someone came up behind me and covered my eyes "guess who." They said I knew who it was it was my boyfriend Robbie Roscoe "Hmmm I don't know is it batman." I said sarcastically me and Robbie started laughing. He spun me around and kissed he it was a long passionate kiss well it was until dad came up to us "Hey you two no kissing on the school premises. Detention both of you with Mr McQueen after school!" "You've got to be joking detention with Mr McQueer!" Robbie said "Mr Roscoe that was highly unnecessary." Dad said "come on Robbie lets go." I said miserably
"Not so fast Ellen." Dad said "what do you want dad I mean Mr Lomax." I said "I'm very disappointed in you young lady!"
With that me and Robbie walked away.

In detention Mr McQueen made us write an assay about why we where in detention.
So I started to write

I'm in detention with Mr McQueen because me and my amazingly great fit boyfriend where kissing and my pathetic idiotic demented dad aka Danny aka Mr Lomax. Who hates seeing me and Robbie together because his marriage is failing and wants to make us feel his 'pain' so he decided me and Robbie should go to detention because where in love and him and mum also destroyed my sister Leela's relationship because they didn't like Cameron. I also don't understand why they treat me like I'm 3 I mean it's not like  gonna get hurt by Robbie because he would never do that. Dose that give him a reason to dive ME detention!? No it doesn't. He's also way to over protective about my sister Peri telling us she's to young to go out and meet her friends and I swear he's hiding something from us like I fell he's disconnected from the whole family like he doesn't want us especially after he goes out for like 4 hours and then gets back happier than before he left in the morning. I mean some times I feel like he's hiding something that he's scared for us to find out or just to proud to tell us he was wrong about all the little things that he did and he would say "if I could turn back time then I would of been the father you wanted." But that won't happen because he's just to well he wants to keep his reputation up about this whole thing he keeps from us. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I wrote I looked up to see Mr McQueen look at me confusion on his face. I stood up and ran out of the class room not even thinking of looking back.


This is my first hollyoaks story I really hope you like it I will update on Saturday or maybe next Tuesday any how bye. Foooor nooow

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