Chapter 31

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Avery's POV:

"Thanks Reese, I'll be inside, don't come after me." I say coldly and quickly as I close the car door and walk up to the open door to the party.

I storm into the house, the party has barely even begun. I quickly make my way to the kitchen and grab a can of beer downing it in one swig.

I don't really know why it bothered me so much to see Brett and Jase fighting but it did and I can't help but feel so angry about it for so many reasons.

I just want to forget the anger their stupidity... Them? Just for tonight if not for a little longer, I just want to process my thoughts or not but I just don't want to face either of them right now.

I don't really know how long it takes or how many drinks and shots I finish but soon the party is in full bloom.

The music is booming and the costumes are outrageous. I look down at my own costume and it reminds me of that Jase whom I don't want to be thinking of at the moment.

I rip off the beret and take off my shirt and skirt leaving me in a silky slip. I throw them in the kitchen trash and walk back to the counter for another drink.

I don't think I even leave the kitchen, I just keep taking cans off the counter and sips from the bottle of vodka.

My head is spinning and I can't walk straight but at least it keeps the events that happened tonight out of my mind.

Maddie's POV:

"Brett, come on let's get out of here." I say helping Brett up off the floor. His knuckles are split open and he's bleeding from his forehead, lip, and cheek.

"I need a drink... You know where the party is at?" He asks pulling open the passenger door and sliding in. I nod and walk over to the drivers side and start the engine.

"Why'd you even start that stupid fight anyways?" I ask bitterly, I think I already know the answer.

"That guys an asshole, he deserved it." He says harshly looking out the window.

"Because he's mean to Avery?" I coldly my grip tightening on the wheel.

He opens his mouth to say something but decides against it.

I pull up at the curb of Kari Blanchard's house, it's her party this year. Without a word Brett gets up and walks into the house.

I know he did this all for her, for Avery.  That ungrateful bitch can't see it, how he stands up for her and chooses her. She doesn't deserve him. If anyone does, I do. She can't just walk in here and expect everyone to love her. She is a cold hearted bitch who deserves to know what rejection and hurt feels like. I want to be the one who gives her a taste of her own medicine.

With this boost of morale, i slip on my heels and walk into the party. Time for payback baby.

"Hey mads." Kari greets as I walk in and I smile at her and follow Brett.

Kari is the slutiest girl I know, she has at least forty pairs of lingerie and about a dozen kinky outfits. I mean, sex addicts much?


I can't find Brett, I've spent the last hour looking for him but I guess he's off drinking or smoking.

I take a walk to check the kitchen because maybe he's been pouring drinks or out in the back but when I walk into the kitchen I find something ten times better.

The devil herself passed out on the floor. I think the universe is just telling me to exact revenge on Avery.

I grab her arm and slump her around my shoulder a I try and drag her upstairs into Kari's room.

I set her down on the bed and think for a second, I have so many options of what to do the possibilities are endless.

I look around the room for any ideas and than it hits me. The perfect plan that makes everyone a winner, well except Avery of course.

I walk over to Kari's closet and rummage through the clothes and than I find it, her lingerie.I pull out the slutiest one she has, it would suit Avery well, it would match well with her inner slut.

Once she was in the lingerie I threw that slutty bitch on the bed and snatched her clothes.

"Have fun walking out of here in the morning Avery! Now the whole world can see how much of a skanky ungrateful hoe you really are!"

I hope that payback really is a bitch because you're here with me now and Avery, you better watch out.

Brett's POV:

The pulsing music is driving me nuts and the whole house seems to be spinning. I shakily stand up from the couch I've been sitting on for god knows how long and try to find somewhere to sleep.

As I fumble my way over to the stair I could have sworn I saw Maddie racing out the front door with an arm full of clothing. Weird.

After the expedition that was the stairs I made my way down the hall to a door that I hoped led to a bed room.

I sauntered in flicking on the lights. Immediately a wave of sobering shock flooded over me.

Lying on the bed dressed in a minuscule sexy school girl outfit. I slammed the door shut making sure no one got to see her like this.

I walked over to the bed and sat down next to her my head still spinning. I looked down at her, bad choice. She looked so hot but vulnerable. I know this was not her doing and someone put her in this.

That thought had rage building inside me. Without looking down at her beautifully tempting body I tried to scan the room for her clothes.

Either I'm so drunk I'm blind or her clothes aren't here. So this was someone's sick plan. Force Avery to walk home tomorrow exposing that fine ass of hers along with entire mid section and cleavage hanging out. Although that would have every teen boys wet dream fantasy come true I will not let that happen.

I hunt around this room looking for some clothes I can put on her because the longer she lays there looking like that the harder for me it is to resist her.

After my drunken search I come up empty handed. I let out a sign and pull off my shirt and try to put it over her head so she's got some coverage. Luckily It's falls just above her knees.

"Okay... come on. I'm taking you home." I grumble as I pick her up cradling her as I make my way outside to my car.

Once I get her home I take my shirt back and lay her down in bed pulling the covers over her.

Relief that she's safe settles in and immediately the drunkenness kicks back in. My eyes can't seem to stay open and I contemplate trying to make it home but my legs give out and I'm stuck on her floor.

Seems like a good of place as any to sleep.

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