Chapter 25- Tutors, Texts, and Pranks

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Chapter 25

Tutors, Texts, and Pranks



Stupid math. Stupid tutor. Stupid me! Mrs. Shrowder told me that she already set up the tutoring session for 4pm today. I was annoyed that she totally just forced me into this. I don't want a tutor. So when I told my mom, I expected her to say no but alas, she agreed. Now here I am, waiting at the library for my tutor.

As I was waiting, I started thing about the note Ty gave me, I didn't even know he had any sort of feelings for me! I mean, sure he's human so he doesn't know anything but still! This is so not cool! Why do things have to be so complicated. I mean it was sweet of him to ask and stuff...

My mind says to give him the boot because it would make things even more complicated. My heart says to give him a chance, because what's the worst that could happen? But my wolf says to kill his ass. Well, that sure helps, I thought sarcastically. 

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a book slam on the table. Great, the tutor is here. When I looked up to his robin, blue eyes.

Oh hell, no.


"You carry the 3 over to the other side and then multiply it!" He yelled in frustration. I heard the librarians 'Shhh!' to him, making him glare at me. I scoffed at his stupidity. 

"No, you don't have to carry it out. Multiply it, then you can carry over it." I said with my head held high. I heard Lucas sigh in annoyance. I grinned at that. He is so much fun to mess with. Abruptly, Lucas got up from his chair and excused himself for some water. 

I rolled my eyes at him. Drama queen, but thankfully this gave me time to collect my thoughts. I cannot believe Mrs. Shrowder just totally set us up! Sneaky teacher! When he saw me, he looked just as suprised which meant he had nothing to do with this. Thank god, or I just might have strangled the bastard...

I thought this might turn out like this.  The Fates just has it out for me. I know they do...

Anyways, lets get back to the problem at hand. I am stuck here in the stupid, geeky library with an aging spinster and a sorry excuse for a boy! Save me..

The library chick, Ms.Harvey, was eyeing me suspiciously. Ms.Harvey is a 40 year old women who isn't married nor seeing anyone. She has light brown hair with split ends but no grey hair. She is a lean girl who looks like she only eats salad. But man, can she be threatening. How do I know this? Well, because of our See, I'm just a slut, I'm a advanced prankster, thanks to my brothers. One of my many accomplishments was putting a fake snake in her drawer and attaching a fishing line to the end, so it looks real. Well, I know this may sound just plain mean, but she deserved it because she gave me detention for 'making out too loud'. Her words, not mine. But it's stupid, right? Plus, I wasn't even in the library at the time when she said I was, since I got to the library..Like..Never.

Though back to the prank, so I attached the string and hid in Ms. Harvy's air vent (Don't ask how...) Then when she came in, I waited 'till she opened her drawer--which didn't take very long--and then I yanked the rod up and the snake with it. She got so scared, she started screaming, "I'm a virgin! Don't kill me!" and fainted on the spot. Let me say this to make it a little funnier. 

It was in front of the whole library, which was unusually crowded, due to my prank plans getting out, thanks to Percy and his big mouth. But it worked so I didn't complain. We all started laughing our asses off so much, we all cried. It was hilarious! Yet, so embarrassing for her. She woke up eventually...

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