Ch. 31 Sergeant Major

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I waited at the table until one in the morning. I'd been sitting there for nearly six hours. I had made him a plate, put the leftovers away, and did the dishes.

I was sitting at the table, staring at the candle when the door opened.

Footsteps came my way.

I looked up.

Jake came in. "Britt? Honey, you should be in bed. You have work in five hours."

"I was waiting on you."

"Why?" he asked, walking over to me. He picked up the glass of wine I had set out for him.

"You said you were only going to be a couple of hours, so I made dinner...and you didn't come home."

"You made dinner?" he asked with wide eyes.

I nodded.

"Oh, Britt. I didn't even think to call. We just got in a deep discussion and couldn't leave until we figured out the problem."

"What was so important you couldn't call and tell me you weren't going to be home, that I shouldn't wait up for you?"

He hesitated.

"Right. It's so much more important, you can't even tell me." I stood and warmed his food up in the microwave. Then, I put it in front of him. "Eat and come to bed."

I turned the light on, blew the candle on the table out, and went upstairs. I slipped out of my dress and got in the shower. I showered quickly, got out, and put on undergarments and a nightgown. I brushed my teeth and tied my hair back. Then, I crawled in bed and sighed.

I couldn't let it get to me. I knew he would be working like crazy. Then, why was I kicking myself for being so ridiculous, for feeling so upset?

The door opened and closed.

I heard Jake brush his teeth and change out of his uniform and into pajama pants.

His arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me into him. He kissed the back of my neck. "Thank you for dinner. It was delicious."

"You're welcome," I whispered.

I closed my eyes and willed sleep to come, but it never did.


At five that morning, I got up and changed into my blue scrubs. I tied my hair back and brushed my teeth. Then, I did my makeup.

Jake was getting out of bed while I was about to leave the bedroom.

"Why didn't you wake me?" he asked, running his eye.

I shrugged. "Get dressed. I have rounds soon."

I went down to the kitchen.

Vanessa handed me a cup of coffee to go with a scone.

Minutes later, Jake came in. "Ready to go?" he asked as he took his coffee from Vanessa.

I stood and led him out.

We got in the truck and left. On the way to the hospital, neither of us said a word. It was completely silent.

When he pulled up outside the hospital, he asked, "What time should I pick you up?"

"Tomorrow at seven?"

"In the morning?"

"In the evening," I answered, climbing out of the truck.


"It's gonna be a long day. Call me if you-" I stopped and shook my head. "Never mind. I'll see you tomorrow."

I closed the door and went into the hospital. I clocked in and put my jacket in my locker. Then, I went upstairs for rounds.

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