Duggar Wedding Episode

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*Syerra talking to the cameramen for '19 Kids & Counting*

"In less than 30 hours, I'll be married to Jeremiah Duggar."

*Camera turns to show the church they will get married in and the wedding planners helping out*

-The church has white baby breathes, the pughs have baby breaths in Mason Jars hanging on the edge that leads out to the aisle. The carpet in the aisle is carpet, and there is a Bible scripture written on the carpet Syerra will walk down-

Jim Bob: "Since Syerra's father isn't attending the wedding, I will be walking her down the aisle."

*By this time, the cameramen are taping the rehearsal dinner and everything getting set up*


"Today is the day, I get to be Mrs. Jeremiah Duggar" *Syerra talking to the cameraman.

*Everyone is dressed in formal attire and my dress is a white tulle dress with lace sleeves that reach down to my elbows. Jeremiah is dressed in a black tuxedo and his tie is a hot pink color, which is my favorite color. We agreed on pink as our wedding color, because he wants what's best for me. Ava is dressed in a pink dress, she is going to be the flower girl and Jessa will be carrying her down the aisle, since she is one of the bridesmaids. Ava will be holding a brown basket full of white and pink flowers and baby breathes, Jessa will be helping her toss them on the ground.*

Everyone who is in the wedding is standing patiently behind the double doors of the church, Jeremiah is already on the stage with the officiant and his groomsmen, which were his friends and brothers. Jim Bob wrapped his arm around mine and I held a bouquet of baby breathes. A few minutes passed and the music cued me in. Jim Bob took his first step in and I had to get rid of the shaky feeling in my legs which were fear.

Everyone stood up before me, the veil I had on covered my face so it was kind of difficult who I walked passed specifically. When we reached the stage steps, Jim Bob let go of my arm and shook hands with Jeremiah, then took his seat in the first row next to Michelle.

I turned to Jeremiah, and his eyes were red. I leaned in close to him and whispered "what's wrong?" He wiped away the remaining tears and sniffled, taking my hands and saying, "you're so beautiful." I smiled brightly. Ava was sitting on Jessa's arms and they both smiled happily at both of us, once Ava noticed me she smiled.

About eight minutes later, Jeremiah and I said our "I do's" and the officiant said "I pronounce you husband and wife, Jeremiah, you may now kiss your bride." and finally, he gently flipped my veil behind my head and gently placed the palm of his hands on my jawline, slowly bringing my face closer to his and kissed me passionately. Everyone clapped, and Ava did too. Jeremiah took my hand and walked me down the aisle, a photographer scurried to knelt in front of us before we walked completely out and took a photo of us, together, our first picture as a married couple.

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