Chapter 6

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"But whabout you?" Steve frowned as he felt completely loose of all his actions and poked Bucky's shoulder. They were all sitting in a circle in the living room as they began to play spin the bottle. Bucky paid attention to the game but looked at Steve, smiling, "Tony and I planned to get you drunk, Steve. I had regular punch but we made sure that all the cups you had were spiked."

Steve just scoffed and rolled his eyes, "Well... that wasn't very nice of you." his words were slurred.

Bucky just shook his head and laughed at Steve's reactions. He nudged Steve's shoulder lightly, "Just relax, there's a bunch of other drunk people too. Besides, it will be fun, trust me." Steve, still frowning, just looked at the bottle in the center of the circle. He still felt anger toward his best friend and Tony, but it was fading away as the buzzing sensation started to make him feel better by the second.

"Okay, let's play this shit." Steve said, clapping his hands together, wanting to join in on spin the bottle. It crossed his mind before speaking that anything he did he would probably regret tomorrow but with the way he felt right now, he could honestly care less. The alcohol was flowing through his veins and he knew that there was very low control over the things he chose to do. Steve watched as a girl laughed and leaned inward toward the circle and spun the bottle. She sat back down in her original position on her knees as everyone watched the bottle slow down to a stop.

The bottleneck stopped and was pointing at a girl who was sitting pretzel-legged and laughing while holding a cup of punch in her hand. Steve saw as Tony sat across from him and laughed,
"Ha! You two have to kiss! The rules are you have to kiss no matter what!"

He then watched as the girl who spun the bottle stood up and walked over to the other. She smiled as she kneeled down and then placed her lips on the girl who was holding the cup of punch. Steve's jaw dropped to a smile and went along with all the other "Ohhhhhhhhhh's!" Some people whistled and others raised their voices while saying, "Lesbos!" or other lesbian mockery terms.

The girl broke away and stood back up as the other girl who held her punch just stared at her. She smiled as the one girl went back to her original spot and took her seat once again.

Now the girl next to her reached out to spin the brown glass beer bottle. Steve watched it spin and his face went blank as he the bottle slowed near him.

He burst out laughing as he saw the bottle stop right on Bucky, "Ohhhhh Bucky!!! You 'avto kiss her!" Steve exclaimed, still laughing. Bucky just shrugged him off and then smirked as the girl got up and walked over to him. It was almost like Bucky was hoping that the bottle would've landed on him because the moment the girl sat down and leaned in for a kiss he gladly accepted and started to wrap his arms around her. She was just about to let her arms rest around the back of his neck while the kiss deepened until "Get a room!" was shouted over the music.

Bucky broke away, smiling at the brunette and he let go of her as she backed away. She stood back up, walking back to her open spot on the floor. They still held eye contact as she smiled lightly at Bucky as the next person spun the bottle. Steve bit his bottom lip and smiled widely at Bucky, "Someone has found a new friend." Bucky looked away from the girl and glared sarcastically at Steve, "Shut up."

The game continued on as Steve drunkenly watched people kiss each other when the bottle was landed facing them. He was rather getting bored with the game as not once did the bottle land on him. He glanced at Bucky who was still smiling and having a great time while watching people spin and kiss.

Across from him, he now paid attention as it was Tony's turn to spin. Tony held a drink in his hand and took a sip of it before he leaned in and spun the bottle. Steve watched as Tony smiled with others, waiting for who it was going to land on. Steve was a bit hazy as things were still a blur from all the alcohol that he consumed but smiled to himself as him and everyone else watched the bottle slow.

As it started coming to a stop, Steve's smile started to fade as it was directly facing him.

There was a loud roar from all the people around him and he felt his face turn bright red. "What..." he mumbled, not in question form. He heard Bucky's laugh above all as he was the one closest to him. He looked at Tony and watched as he started to walk over to him.

Steve started to look around as everyone seemed to be watching him. He felt as if he couldn't move. The other person who was sitting next to Steve moved over as Tony knelt down. They were both drunk and Steve looked into Tony's eyes as Tony winked at him while licking his lips. Steve couldn't tell if it was a joke or not, but before he had time to do anything, Tony's lips were pressed against his.

Steve felt frozen in time as everything around him was dulled down. He closed his eyes and melted into the kiss. Too drunk to pull away, too drunk to care about everyone around them, his hands moved to Tony's waist while Tony's hands held Steve's face into the kiss. Steve didn't really know what he was doing or what was going on around them, but he did know that this felt right. His hands moved along Tony's waist and he pressed deeper into the kiss. It's not that Tony wasn't kissing back, but Steve realized that he was the only one who was enjoying it.


It seemed longer to Steve, but moments later, Tony pulled away and Steve let go of his body and once he realized what he had done, he backed away, bumping into Bucky. He turned his head and looked at all the people laughing and staring at him. Tony stood up and went back over to where he was previously like nothing had even happened- the people near him were patting him on the back or making gay jokes with him. Steve felt so helpless. All the people that were staring knew that Tony wasn't gay or bisexual and only did that because he never backs out when it comes to spin the bottle. Steve had heard that Tony's kissed guys before, but only as dares or in situations like this- however, Steve hadn't ever heard of a guy who kissed back or held onto the kiss for longer than a couple seconds like he did.

Plus, it wasn't Tony who melted into the kiss. It wasn't Tony who started to place his hands on Steve's body. It wasn't Tony who held on and deepened the kiss. And it definitely wasn't Tony who started to smile against the kiss before he broke away.

Steve looked at Bucky, who just stared at him with everyone else and then he smiled, "Were you fucking enjoying that, buddy?" Bucky raised his eyebrows and Steve wanted to cry. He knew Bucky was only messing with him, but something in the pit of his stomach flipped. "No, I'm not bi!" Steve tried to laugh it off and Bucky started laughing with him. It helped him a little to make things seem less tense. He took a deep breath and then looked around. It seemed like everyone had carried on and the next person was spinning the bottle.

Steve felt extremely paranoid. He still didn't fully know how he was feeling at the moment- the alcohol was still giving him the buzzing sensation while after what had just occurred, his stomach seemed twisted and his brain was trying to put together why he melted into the kiss in the first place. He glanced quickly in Tony's direction and they made brief eye contact before Steve immediately looked away.

He prayed to God that everyone that saw the kiss would be too drunk to remember by tomorrow. Maybe he would forget. He'd never been drunk before, but he heard that some people forget the things that happen when drunk. Maybe nobody even noticed the way Steve reacted to the kiss and he was just being too paranoid about all of it.


author's note

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it was a quick proof read, sorry for any mistakes :-)

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