Chapter 7

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Oh my lord it's been so long! I deserve to be kicked in the neck by skipping wasps! I am so sorry you guys! I thought I might just put up a short cheesy chapter of Destery and Lana, and then the next one with the rest since I can't spend to long up and tomorrow I'll be gone for three weeks, eek! Anyway, without further ado, chapter 7 -SJ

Blurry sunlight was the first thing that came into view through my half closed eyes. Unsatisfied with the nights sleep I closed my eyes tighter and went to wrap myself into a taco with my blanket like usual but only felt soft carpet underneath my fingers. Am I on the floor? I lifted my head slightly and the crack of the bones in my neck and the awful ache coming with it confirmed I did indeed sleep on the floor last night. Confused, I sat up to find myself in Destery's room.
Oh shit, that's right I passed out in here! I sat up and leaned against Des's bed and thought about yesterday. I hid my grin behind the back of one of my hands and felt my blush creep up my face. Did we really have that cheesy kiss yesterday? Oh my god we did! Does he actually like me? Oh god it's gonna be awkward as hell if not... I shook my head of the oncoming worries and pushed myself into a standing position, my back cracking very loudly. Okay how did I end up on the floor again?
"You're going down, punk!" I yell at Destery, mashing the buttons on the controller.
"THIS ISNT EVEN MY FINAL FORM!" Destery screeched, raging that I was about to defeat him in our game of mortal Kombat. I was laughing so hard that my back repeatedly hit the mattress, but I didn't dare take my eyes off the screen as I ended up beating him. "That's it I'm going to bed I quit!" He yelled throwing the controller at me playfully.
"Noooooo I'm sorry! I don't feel like playing anymore either though" I laughed placing both the controllers down softly. I laid down on the floor as he laid on the edge of the bed and we just talked about anything and everything until we fell asleep.
I blinked to bring myself back from recalling last night and looked over at the bed at a sleepy capndesdes. His mouth was open slightly, he was on his stomach, his arm hanging off the edge of the bed. I rubbed my eyes and decided a few more minutes of sleep never hurt anyone. I carefully crawled over Destery and laid down, trying not to disturb him as I slipped under the blanket. My body felt stiff from the cold, a feeling I was pretty well adjusted to when I was homeless. I was in a pair of pretty short shorts that were black and made of a spandex kind of material and a thin oversized grey sweater. I turned my back to Destery and closed my eyes almost immediately being pulled back into sleep.
"Lana?" I heard desterys morning voice and almost melted. Staying still, eyes still closed I replied with a,
"Hmm?" I felt the mattress shift beside me and then I felt myself being dragged backwards by a few inches until my back hit what I assumed to be destery's chest. I wiggled as close as I could to him before he placed an arm under my head and snugly wrapping the other around my waist.
        "Are you going back to sleep?" He whispered by my ear.
        "I'm trying to, but your making it a lil bit hard." I said teasingly. I didn't catch what he said to that because I fell asleep shortly after for who knows how long.

------TIME SKIP------

        I woke up for a second time, feeling better rested than before. I sat up and stretched my arms. I pushed the blanket off of me and stood up, grabbing my phone of the floor. Clicking the home button I saw it was just about to turn to two in the afternoon. I opened the door and walked out to the living room, blowing my bangs out of my face. I could hear Destery yelling about something in his office, so me being nosy me, I slowly opened the door and looked in, making the ugliest face I could muster. Destery stopped screaming to the camera in front of him to look at who opened the door and seeing my face, dropped dead laughing before turning to the camera to explain what just happened.
        "Lana, oh my god, Lana that was fucking hilarious come here show them what face you just made!" He said between breaths. I hopped into the frame and recreating the look, I threw a weird noise into it as well which made des fucking lose it. I ended up laughing with him and then said I'd be out in the living room waiting for him.

----another time skip brought to you by the laziness of the author----

    "Finally!" He exclaimed, throwing himself onto the couch next to me.
    "I forgot you were a you tuber for a second, I wouldn't of interrupted if I knew you were shooting a video." I smiled sheepishly at him. He shook his head,
    "Nah it's cool, next time you could just chill in there with me, it's not that fun to do alone honestly." He confided in me.
    "Not much IS fun to do alone." I pointed out and he nodded.
    "We should order pizza, I'm starving." Destery groaned and my stomach grumbled.
"I'll take that as a yes, then!" He grinned before going to find the menu to the pizza place. After he ordered the pizza he returned to the couch. I was playing papijump on my phone, (really good game tbh but pretty frustrating) getting into it. I'm about to beat my highscore! Fucking finally...
     Suddenly my phone gets taken out of my hands and I snap my head towards des. "BUT I WAS ABOUT TO BEAT MY HIGHSCORE" I whined as he laughed. I crossed my arms and pouted, tucking my chin into my chest.
     "Nooooo Lana don't be saaaaaad," he elongated his words and poked my side. I flinched sideways while stifling a scream. "Oh my god you're ticklish!" I shook my head violently, knowing what was about to happen. He didn't hesitate a second, knocking me off the couch to the ground and started poking my sides.
    "D-haHAHAHA-DEST-HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAHHH- DESTERY!" I was kicking and trying to punch him off but with his other hand he grabbed my wrists and he was leaned over me so only my knees hit his back and not that hard, just pushing him forwards. Finally the torture ended and my chest was heaving with the air that I was finally allowed to bring back into my lungs. A smile was imprinted onto my face as I finally looked up at Destery who was also wearing a shit-eating grin. Our childish grins faded to tiny smiles and he leaned down, pausing just as he was about to meet my lips with his. Oh come on, Destery don't be a tease! I begged inside my head. After a few seconds, tension built and I couldn't take it anymore. I lifted my head the needed space and kissed him instead. Breathing through our noses so we wouldn't need to break apart. My stomach felt like it dropped away and my heart was in my throat, and i wanted nothing more than to run my fingers through his hair and touch his shoulders and back but I couldn't because he still held my wrists in one of his hands. Our lips felt like they were melted together, moving in perfect synch. His upper body was hovering over mine, the feeling of his side pressing down onto mine felt like it was alight with fire and every thought in my head was gone. He was all that I was focused on. Finally he let go of my wrists and immediately they flew to his body, one ran through his hair and then stayed on the side of his neck, my fingers splayed so they also touched his face, about an inch above his jaw.  My other hand continually ran from his midback to his chest and shoulders. He had himself propped on his elbow so that arms hand was rested on top of my head while the other was placed flat against my stomach occasionally moving to hold my arm, or touch my waist but always moved back to my stomach. After a few seconds it got more heated and our hands were under each other's shirts and just as he licked my lip there was a knock on the door followed by the shouting of Nathan,
"DESTERY! I LEFT MY KEYS! ME AND KATELYNN ARE LOCKED OUT! ALSO I HAVE THE PIZZA!" We sprang apart and he kissed my cheek before jumping up to open the door and I quickly tried to calm my breathing and soothed my hair before opening papijump on my phone and trying to act like they didn't just get home at the worst possible time. There is always later....

Hello lovelies! I know I know, it's short but it's late and I won't be able to update again for a while but I'll be sure to try and write a great chapter while I'm away and update it as soon as I get my hands on anything with internet connection. I love you guys and thank you so much for supporting this story even though I barely update. See you soon, daisies!- SJ

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