Chapter 9 - The Atom Reasearch Team of Kentucky

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PART 3 - Crew

Tag started explaining more about ARK as he toured us through the compound. "ARK is the official name for the group. It stands for The Atom Research Team of Kentucky. It was originally made to find out how the atoms, cells and DNA change to cause or after zombification. But we've moved onto battle since we heard the outbreak was coming. We still call it ARK but now we nickname ourselves the Undead Nightmares." He paused and turned to us. "The first rule about this place is that you never under any circumstances travel around the Test block without an initiated member of ARK. You will be put through tests to become a member soon. You will both have mentors. Liam, Becca will be your mentor. Saul, I will be your mentor."

"Cool." we both murmured in agreement.

"Becca, show them to their rooms, they must be tired as hell. Literally, you know that hell is actually a living creature? Anyway, you'll meet the rest of the crew tomorrow. Even though it's a big facility, most of us went mad and killed themselves or ran away thinking that there was someplace safer. There are less than twenty of us left now."

"Well that's not exactly promising." I said as we left Tag, following Becca.

"it's not as bad as you'd think, there were only about 150 of us before."

"That's even worse.." said Saul. I know I'm using 'said' a lot but I don't have a thesaurus.

Becca led us outside into a large courtyard. "We're protected by tons of electric fences, massive walls and we even have one or two guards. We have a ten gaurd towers but most of them are unused." she explained. The courtyard was large and surrounded by buildings. Then moon seemed to be larger than usual. The air was freezing, and there was frost on the ground.

"What state is this?" I asked.

"Wisconsin, near Sheboygan."

"That explains it." I said as she led us into a building that from the inside looked like a hotel.

"These are the living quarters." she explained.

"Who'da thunk it?" I said sarcastically.

She ignored me. We she called a lift and we went to the second floor. She walked past a few doors and showed us our rooms. "Liam, you're 207. Saul, you're 208. There's chocolate and drinks in the minibar. I'll come by at 9 AM tomorrow." She handed us both room keys and she walked down to room 202. She opened the door and went inside. I unlocked my door and walked into the fanciest hotel I'd ever been in. If it were a holiday site, it would have cost thousands of pounds a night. There was a king sized bed, a 42" TV on the wall and a marble bedroom. The whole back wall was made up of floor to ceiling windows covered by curtains. I took a coke and a Yorkie out of the fridge and I settled back on the bed. I turned on the TV and I was surprised to find out that there actually were movies. I picked 2012 and I laid my head on the pillow. 'Apocalypse 2012 my arse' I thought to myself.

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