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His secret

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Niomie on the side as Barbara
Niomie's pov
"W-what,wait? Why,and how am I able because my brother will be looking for me and friends will get worried and mom, wait never mind moms in California on an emergency meeting but anyways why would you want me and where are we going??"
He was looking at me in amusement because I managed to get it all out in one breath but then he smirked and said "after school I'll be waiting in front of your locker and don't be late"
What does he want
"Why would you want her if you can have me" says Ashley in a purr voice while walking up to him and touching his chest. I felt a pang in my chest for some reason but I just shrugged it off. "None of your business slut. Get away from me cuz you and I both know I only used you for sex"he said in disgust. He smirked at me and walked away leaving me alone with a bitch who's face is all red because of anger I suppose. "Look here bitch. I'm going to make myself clear so a dumbass like you can understand. Stay away from Shaun. He's mine" she said
" look here slut. I'm going to make my self clear so a bitch like can keep her legs closed to understand this. He likes me and would do anything for. Plus he has no felling so for you so if I were you I would back off" I said and I was surprised that I actually talked back to queen bitch and she was also suprised so I just ignored her and walked away while she kept saying shit.

Shaun's pov
I left and ran to an empty class. Pulled out the book and started to read
            Dear diary
It's been hard for me each and everyday to see my mom work hard be cuz of my fathers death and I really miss him. I wish I wasn't the one to cause his death. It's all my fucking falt he's dead. If I just listened he would of been still alive. Why am I so fucked up. I should of died instead of him. I can't believe that he's dead and people are saying it's all right it wasn't your falt and it was, I just hate every time I have nightmares that I dream of him and blood all over the place a.....
"That's it and what happened and why is it her fault for that??" I questioned
Does she have a past. If she does then I'm going to know what it is to figure this all out I thought no matter what

AFter school

Niomie's pov
I went to my locker to put my things away when I noticed Shaun staring up in the ceiling. I can tell he's thinking because he has his eyebrows nit together and haw clenched. Wonder what he's thinking about. I went up to my locker and put my things away and kept my homework until I noticed something missing.
My diary
"Shit,shit,shit" I said
"What's wrong" he asked. I looked up to see him looking at me with concerned eyes. "A certain book is missing. I think I lost it while you were chasing after me and dropped my books." I said. "Too bad. Your going to have to look another day for it because we need to hurry."  He said looking around not meeting my eyes. "I can't it's an important book to me and if I lose it......" I said than stopped myself from saying anything else.
I can't let him know what's in the book
"Your going to have to look for it another day. Come on let's go. He took my and literarily dragged me out of the school.
Where is he taking me
Hay guys so here's a long chapter
Hope u like it
Love ya guys

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