*Author's Note* Yes, I know that the last chapter was 5 pages long. But I couldn't find an ending point. But now since its a another part of the last chapter because the 4th year is the most crucial so far and I'm sorry if 'crucial' doesn't fit into the story, cuz I don't know what it means really  Oh, and the dress on the right is the one Ashlyn wears to the Yule Ball.  And if you have the bonus features for the 4th movie they show that everyone is starting to like each and show feelings that they never experienced. P.S. You'll love the middle of  this chapter, and I know the dates are out of order, but I had to.

Year 4.

        Previous conversation: "Yeah, well, good thing I'm actually interested into some one else" I'm not lying. "Well, who is it?" He seems eager now. "Well, it's..." Now: "Well, it's someone you know.." I look a round the room to avoid eye contact with Draco. He opens his mouth to say something. But I stop him by saying, "Hey, lets go to the Great hall its going to start in a few minutes!" I get up. "Oh, yeah I forgot all about that" He says also getting up. Then, Blaise comes back for us I guess, with Greengrass a few steps behind. "Its time to go to the great hall." he says a little shocked. So, we all go to the hall. We were like the first few people to enter. There's this stand, that is in the front, so me, Draco, and Blaise go sit on the top. I race to get the  right end of it. Draco playfully glares at me, I smirk at him. "Move." he says crossing his arms. "Give me a reason why" I reply also crossing my arms. "So you can sit by your boyfriend" he seems to shudder a little by saying: 'boyfriend.' "Fine." I give in, but not because of that reason he gave, but just to save my reputation and not get it ruined by Blaise breaking up with me for Greengrass, what kind of last name is Greengrass? Anyway to keep him from not breaking up with me I got to break up with him, after he sees why, its a working process. As soon as Draco sits down I scoot a little closer to him, and I make sure Blaise notices. Now Draco, and I, barely touching, and as usual he lazily puts his arm around my shoulders. And even though I've got 3 years to get used to it, I always blush when he does that.

       "Now, it's time to announce our three champions." Dumbledore announces. The goblet's flame turns from blue to pink, and this small piece of torn parchment flies. "The Dumstrang champion is: Viktor Krum" The student are full of excitement. The goblet repeats what it did the first time. "The Beauxbaton's champion is Fluer Delacour!" And again with the goblet. "The Hogwarts champion is Cedric Diggory!" Hey he's kind of cute. It didn't occur to me that I was staring, when Draco shakes me slightly. I turn a bit red from embarrassment. he smiles a little from that, then I glare at him. "There you have it, our three champions." Then all of a sudden does the flame thing again. "Harry Potter" There's a silent moment. "Harry Potter!" then that Potter walks over. People start murmuring to one another. After that we all leave. The whole night Draco, and Blaise were complaining about Potter becoming a champion. I don't know why but Draco was seeming like he wants to be close with me. Because now his arm is around my waist, and we're pretty close. I mean he can't like me, he's only thought of me as a friend. And he knows I'm with Blaise unless, he's jealous. I'm really tired so I rest my head on his shoulder, and fall asleep.

 Draco's P.O.V.

    Ash, fell asleep with her head resting on my shoulder, she looks so helpless when she's sleeping which makes me wonder what's in her mind that makes her look like this. "So, I see she's found someone else." Blaise says looking at her smiling, she is that adorable when she sleeps. "Who, then?" Because even though she's my friend, like my sister, she doesn't tell me who she likes. "Damn, I didn't you were so dim witted. She likes you" Blaise says now looking at me. "No, she doesn't, I would've saw it." Blaise shakes his head slightly. "Well, you're blinded by love, you two have kissed, and she's the one who thought of fake dating that one day, to get your fan girls jealous, she thought of that because she doesn't hate them, she's jealous of them actually, and you were willing too. Act in love." Blaise probably came up with  this just now because he isn't making any sense. "No, she can't like me, she just can't I mean if we were together what would happen if it didn't work out-" "It would, you guys are so like each other. Except she's more fun, and evil" I laugh a little at that she is actually she gets like 10 detentions each month mostly in Transfiguration. During last summer she got suspended from magic for a month. "Well, she's with you" I'm still not over it. "Yeah, for now, I still haven't been able to be alone with her at the right moment." Yeah he hasn't had time alone with her. "Well, what about tomorrow?" I hate it when, I know Ash's with someone that isn't interested. And that we're talking about when Blaise will break up with her in front of her. She starts to wake up, but goes back to sleeping. "I'm going to take her to her room" "Wait doesn't she have an enchanted door?"

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