S E V E N - Part 2: The Singularity

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Warning: The first paragraph to this chapter contains graphic descriptions of violence. 

- SEVEN part 2 -

The ax swings downward toward her head. The blade hacks her cranium open as her attacker continues his assault. His silhouette blocks the high sun, creating a halo effect around his long slender frame. She lifts her hands up as he hovers over her and lifts the ax up again. He hatches her skull repeatedly, splintering her cranium, bones flying in all directions like wood chips. Her blood squirts like a fountain, her teeth spirals into midair as parts of her dismembered brain seep through the cracks of what remains of her skull. Like adhesive, remnants of her brain cling to the blade. Her left eyeball falls out of its pocket and rolls onto the dirt. She glares in horror to see her child lying beside her, his body, completely dismembered. And the ax continues to fly.

"Edwin!" Josslyn sits up in bed, winching with agonizing pain as both hands clutch her cranium to prevent it from splitting open. She rolls off the bed and slams face first onto the cherry hardwood floors.

"Edwin!" She crawls on all fours, gasping for air, throat parched, sweat trickling off her nose and trailing a path behind her. Her arms wobble to keep her afloat as she crawls toward the chair by the window. "Edwin."

"I'm here, honey! I've got you in my arms."

"Hold me! Please hold me!" She reaches out to grasp empty air, her hands swimming through empty space. She collapses into his arm only to glide right through him, slamming right back onto the hardwood floor. She lies there naked, panting fast, sweating profusely beside the rainstorm still brewing ferociously outside her window.

"Josslyn." Edwin climbs on top of her, wrapping his arm around her body. He glides right through her. Fuck! He rushes to grab a cup of water. The cup slides past his hands again and again and again. He grits his teeth and punches the kitchen counter. His fist glides right through that too.

He helplessly runs to lie beside her and slams his hand on the floor. The inertia breaks through space, reverberating the sound across the room. "See? I'm right here. Right in front of you." 

His eyes dart left and right to search for life. "Say something," Edwin begs her, but she remains silent. Her face is stoic, expressionless; her eyes open wide without blinking as she stares into what seems like a deathly oblivion. 

"Josslyn." His voice echoes with deep with concern. He's seen her suffer through so many night terror attacks but this is by far the worst, so bad in fact, she doesn't even have the energy to weep. She's been screaming, thrashing and kicking for the last twenty minutes.  All he could do was watch her suffer. "It's a bad dream, honey. All a bad dream."

She shakes her head. She knows he's lying to console her. They both know that these are not just dreams. They are visions. She doesn't have anything to say to him and she's done pleading for an embrace. She knows it's not his fault that he can't hold her but in this moment within her lifespan, she's never felt so alone and helpless in this fight against the world.

He senses her letting go and he grows desperate.

"I'm right beside you," he whispers. "I'm stroking your cheek with my thumb. I'm running my fingers through your hair. I just kissed your button nose." His voice breaks, "now my thumb rubs your bottom lip, and I lean forward and kiss your temple as I so very gently caress your beautiful face. I love you. I love you, Josslyn. I love you beyond time and space, beyond skin and bone, beyond life and death. Can you feel my love?"

Josslyn gasps. Edwin's breathed life back into her by way of words. His eloquence saves her time and time again. How could she ever leave this man? Who could ever love her more than him? And what more could she ever want? Her lips quiver, and soft cries escape her mouth.

Then she hears him sing their song.

Oh, what tidings acted heal

Melancholy can't hurt here

I won't give you any tears

You're a wonder, you're a muse

Clarity in spoken truth

Give me Nothing, give me You

I hate to see you go

I hate to see you go

Oh, could I watch you grow up?

Shouldn't I?

She smiles wryly through her tears and with a raspy voice, she meets his cue.

Friend of mine

Different of a different kite

Whether with me, whether somewhere new

Know that I'll be seeing you

I'll be seeing you

I'll be seeing you

I'll be seeing you

You are there

They lie in silence for long time. Edwin watches her eyelids flutter as she drifts into sleep. A reflecting speck catches his eye as he picks himself off the floor. He leans down and inspects the shimmery speck on Josslyn's face. A tear. She's crying in her sleep. He clutches his chest, and his breathing quickens as he observes the tear slowly trail down her cheek.

He presses a finger against her skin and summons all his energy to catch the falling gem. Forget all the tears he's never been able to wipe, all he wants right now is to wipe this one – this singularity -- and in doing so, prove to himself that he is deserving enough to love this woman.

Closer, the tear trails down her cheek; falling toward his shaking finger. Sweat pile onto his scrunched brow as his body convulse in deep concentration. His vision zooms in on the tear.

Closer. Closer. It glides pass his finger.

Edwin grits his teeth, clenches his jaw, and hyperventilates. He runs toward the front door and penetrates enough air to open it with invisible hands. Sprinting down the long driveway that cut through their ten-acre lot, Edwin punches the air and yells to the top of his lungs. He curses God, Fate, and Destiny; curses his damn useless existence and wishing nothing more than to feel rain. He runs until he can run no more and collapses in the middle of a busy four-way intersection with cars gliding past his invisible body.

There, amongst civilization, he clasps both hands in prayer, weeping and begging for release under the eyes of heaven.  

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