Liam Payne Imagine

You're having your first driving lesson, you're so excited but so scared at the same time. Your friend, who already have her drivers license, brings you to the place where you start and end the lesson. 

"I'll be back in a hour" she says before so goes away to buy some things she needed to buy. 

While waiting suddenly a red car appears and drives your way. It stops in front of you. A guy with beautiful brown eyes gets out of the car, when you look better at his face you see it's Liam Payne. 

He says Hi.

You're looking for air to breath as you can't believe it's him.

You say hi back and you try not to freak out. The instructor comes to you. "Hi I'm your instructor we're going to start within 5 minutes! You two can have a talk together until then if you would like to."

You greet him and introduce yourself to him.

"So [yn], I guess this is your first driving lesson?"

"Yes, I'm pretty scared!"

"Well good luck and once you started it's not that scary anymore!"

"Thank you! I hope so."

"I know the feeling it's just the beginning, trust me!"

You smile and you talk a little about yourself until the instructor comes back.

"[yn] It's time to go!"

You look at Liam and smile.

"Well I as you see I have to go."

"Good luck! It was nice to talk to you, you seem to be a nice girl so if you don't mind I would like to see you again!"

"Thanks! I would absolutely love to!"

Liam gives you his number "Call me!"

You get into the car, look at him again and then you drive away. You try to find him in the mirror and when you found him you put a huge smile on your face.

"[yn] Watch the road! You almost hit that car!"

At night…

You walk out of your apartment with your bags crying. You have no idea where to go, you're pretty new here so you don't have that much friends in the neighborhood yet. Then you find a paper in the pocket of you jeans. You remember your driving lesson. 

"Liam!" You decide to call Liam.

"Hello, this is Liam"

"Hi Liam, it's [yn], I met you this afternoon after your driving lesson and before mine, remember?"

"Yes of course I remember! Hi [yn], what's up?"

"Well I have I little problem" You say with a sad voice.

"What's wrong? Can I help you?"

"Well me and my roommate had a huge fight and now she put me out and I don't know where to go and everything, I barely know people because I live here for a few weeks now and…"

You start crying again.

"I'll pick you up! Harry will pick you up and I'll come with him!"


"Yes! Where are you?"

You tell him where you are and then wait for them.

Suddenly a car stops in front of you, your cheeks are totally wet of crying.

Liam gets out of the car and hugs you tightly.

"Everything is gonna be alright!"

You takes your bag and then you get into the car, Liam sits next to you in the back of the car and puts his arms around you. 

At their apartment…

"Did you already have dinner?" Liam asks

"No I didn't, but I'm not really hungry!"

"I'l make you some dinner!"

You smile.

Liam watches you eating the food he prepared for you.

"This is really really good!" you say.

After dinner he sits next to you and holds you tight. You talk more and more.

Suddenly Harry walks in.

"Sorry I disturb you guys but I have to say you look so sweet together!"

You both laugh and look into each others eyes. Your faces get closer….

suddenly you hear Harry "I knew! You would be a lovely couple!"

"Harry get out!" Liam shouts!

When Harry is gone, he looks deep into your eyes again. His face gets closer and closer to you until he kisses you. He lies you down on the couch and leans over you while you continue kissing. Suddenly he stops and looks you in the eyes.

"Do you know I really like you?" 

There's a moment of silent while you drown into each others eyes.

"Wait! Please sit down and close your eyes! trust me."

You close your eyes and wait. Suddenly Liam puts something over you head.

"Liam what are you doing? What is this?"

"Babe I'm just lamping you!"

You laugh and you look at him under the lamp. Then you take the lamp of your head and put it on Liam's head.

"Now I lamped you!"

Both of you laugh, Liam takes you and puts you under the land either.

"Now we're both lamped at the same time!"

And he kisses you again.

"so [yn] I have a plan for tomorrow I you would like to stay."

"I would love to! Now tell me your plan!"

"Let's snuggle up and watch disney films all day!"

You laugh.

"Sounds good!"

"And I'll make you some delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner!"

You smile and then Liam kisses you again.

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