Chapter 3

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Len's P.O.V.

"LEN LETS GO OR WE'LL ALL BE LATE FOR THE PARTY AT MIKU'S BEACHHOUSE!" Rin screamed up the stairs as I was walking out of my room with my beach bag.

"God Rin you don't have to yell I was just leavng my room. And why all that stuff?" I said, well more like questioned as I walked downstairs.

"Its a gift for Miku and I kinda borrowed some of her stuff and haven't had the time to take it back so I thought today would be a great day to return all the things I borrowed.." She responded while I mentally face palmed myself.

"Whatever lets just go already." I said and she then ran out the door while grabbing on to one of my arms.


Miku's P.O.V

I wonder where Len and Rin are??? The party started an hour ago and their little brother is already here and trying to suduice me I think. I thought to myself as my Butler Carl opened the door for some more of my party guests, but when I looked over it was actually Rin and Len and all the stuff that Rin had borrowed from me. I then got up from where I was sitting, while Oliver fell on the floor, and ran right over to then.

"Rin! Len! You guys made it!! Anfd you brought me back my stuff!!" I exclaimed as I gave the twins a hug.

"Yeah Miku I'm sorry for never returning your stuff." Rin apologized

"No need to apologize your my best friend for crying out loud! Now let's get this party started!" I screamed as I grabbed one hand from each of the twins.

And here to think that Len thought I never noticed him. What an idiot.


I'm so sorry to not updating this in forever!! This story will have slow updates now so if any of you are reading this and your following !e, this won't be updated on a normal basis. Hope you liked and I hope it wasn't that short.

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