50. Dinner Plans*

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50. Dinner Plans

*Harry POV*

I stood at Roses door waiting for her to come back out with her third outfit choice. She says that she wants to look perfect tonight but she doesn't even know what's going on.

I heard the door squeak open and as she stepped out my mouth must've shown satisfaction as I smiled wildly at her. She wore a shirt with lyrics 'I love you to the moon and back' with a gray hoodie and leather jacket paired with leggings and a pair of white converse that matched mine.

She smiled shyly showing her dimples as she played with the end of her braid. "Do I look alright?"

"If I told you no, I would be lying." I pulled her closer to me by the arm. She grinned at me holding my hands in hers before speaking again.

"Lets go." She pressured squeezing my hands for more emphasis.

"Go where?" I acted oblivious, which she didn't find amusing.

"Harry.." She whined making me melt. I smirked looking at the flashing object that laid on her shirt and saw the pendant I gave her.

"You're wearing it." I mumbled inaudibly.

"Hmm?" She hummed in confusion. I let go of her hand and held the pendant between my thumb and index. She smirked slightly showing off her dimples.

"Im not superman-"

"But for you I'd do anything." She finished my sentence bringing her hands up to my cheeks. I dipped my head kissing her lightly. She had me wrapped around her finger. She will be the death of me.

"Lets go." I interlocked our fingers and pulled her along. She tapped her fingers against the back of my hand as we walked as she hummed along to skinny love.

I directed us to a local bar that had 'OPEN MIC!' Written on the chalkboard outside the front. She didn't take noticed to it just walked inside. I brought us to the bar and she sat on a stool next to me and let go of my hand as I stood next to her. I waved the bartender over and she ordered her coke and vodka and I declined anything. Slipping the bartender money I felt Rose stuff her hand in the front hem of my jeans pulling me closer to her. She looked up at me smiling lightly. I smirked at her grabbing her hands in mine and setting them on her lap.

"Just watch me." I demanded.

She smirked nodding whilst taking a sip of her drink through the straw. I walked up the stage grabbing the old beat up acoustic guitar as the alcohol induced crowd howl with excitement.

"Hi," I started pausing waiting for the drunken crowd to echo a hello and smiled when I heard Rose shout above the rest. "I'm harry, and Im going to be singing skinny love." The crowd roared but I didn't pay attention all my attention was on Rose. Her eyebrows arched momentarily and her mouth was parted and I could see her childhood flash before eyes.

Come on skinny love, just last the year.

Pour a little salt we were never here.

I started as she stuck her bottom lip between her teeth with a light look over her face. She sat up straighter sucking in a deep breath. Her chest rose high and then settled back normally.

And I told you to be patient

And I told you to be fine

And I told you to be balanced

And I told you to be kind

And in the morning I'll be with you.

But it'll be a different kind.

I'll be holding all the tickets.

And you'll be holding all the fines.

My fingers strummed over the strings as saw Rose squeezed her eyebrows together and hold her eyelids closed her lip still beneath her teeth.

Who will love you?

Who will fight?

Who will fall?

She finally opened her eyes and a wash of comfortability over her face as she opened her eyes and stared at me. I smirked during the guitar instrumental. As she smiled lightly back.

I ended the song and she wiped away the tears nodding at me.

"I want to say one more thing." I spoke softly into the mic. "Rose, I promised, for you I'd do anything, and I will forever keep that promise. But it's hard to protect you when you're not my girlfriend. So, Rose, will you be my girlfriend, again?"

I saw her mouth hang wide open and her chest rose as she sucked in a large breath. Her eyes were wide open in shock and disbelief.

"Yes." She mouthed.

"Yes? She said yes!" I shouted into the microphone and everyone cheered. I set the guitar down and ran through the boozed crowd as I had my eyes set on Rose.

I wrapped my arms around her holding her against me she started crying, sobbing actually. She held me really close to her as she whimpered. She peeled off of me and stared at she didn't speak as I already knew why she was crying.

She told me once that her father would sing 'Skinny Love' to her after she woke up from a nightmare. And right before she got the call of her fathers death she was listening to the song. She had a connection to the song, an emotional connection that I really admired.

She put her hands in my back pockets and held me closer to her pressing our hips together. Our lips pressed together momentarily. She pulled her face away and her mouth hovered below mine. She opened her mouth letting her warm breath tickle my lips before she spoke.

"Take me to your bed." She pleaded. My heart thumped against my chest as she repeated it. "Take me to your bed."

I nodded ever so slightly grabbing her hand in mine and walking out the building. As the cold air over came us I felt her grip on my hand tighten and she coughed out of her own nervousness.

We walked to the side of the building and she pulled me to the lift forcing he doors closed she pushed me against the wall and sucked on my neck. She was incredibly aggressive and needy.


"Just let this happen." She whispered lightly. I obeyed as she continued. We reached the second floor as she grabbed my hand dragging us to the door. She pulled the key from my pocket and opened the door as fast as she could.

She shut and locked the door as I stood watching her strip off her jacket and drop it to the floor. She came over kicking off her shoe as she walked closer and then put her hands around my back under my hoodie. She started moving her hands lower down my back and I put my hands on her arms as her face snapped to mine.

"Calm down." I insisted as she took a deep breath and nodded.

She grabbed my hand in hers and pulled me along to the hallway.

"My bed or yours?" She asked curiously.

"Ours." I spoke lowly. She smirked as I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my torso. I walked into my room and set her down shutting he door behind my body. She pulled off her shirt exposing her black lace strapless bra.

"Strip for me." She demanded.

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