Chapter 5

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Uriah P.O.V:

I know the reason Tris was acting up now: Four was back and I was fine with it. Tris was kind of scared when she told me because she was worried I'd be angry seeing as he's her ex boyfriend. He was a big part in her life; he's Verity's dad after all (not much of a dad might I add)!!! We were currently in the room unpacking and Verity had just had a bath.

Tris P.O.V:

I told Uriah about Tobias being here on the train and I was really worried to whether he'd get angry about it or not. He didn't; that's what makes him a great boyfriend - caring, kind and funny. We decided to go down for dinner at the new restaurant (man, this place was really like a hotel). I put on a red skater "going out" dress, some nude tights, some red heels and I put a red bow in my hair. I also had a red Louis Vuitton bag with me. We all decided to go with the red theme so I put Verity in a white and red dress and red shoes and Uriah wore a red shirt and red corduroy trousers and red vans.
-- Time Lapse to next day --
It's 8am and Verity waddled into our room to wake me and Uriah up. "Mama, Dada!!!" she yelled. (She calls Uriah dada). She tells me that's she wants to go swimming (in her own language anyway) so I get her ready. I wear my black bikini and put a nice maxi dress over it. I put Verity in her only swimming costume, which was grey and pink, white sandals and put a one-strapped pink dress over it. Uriah wears the only swim shorts he brought and his black flip-flops. I bring my white bag to put in towels, Verity's armbands and stuff like that and I put on my white sandals to match Verity's.

We get down to the changing rooms and eventually my bag is basically full, consisting of mine and Verity's dresses, mine and Verity's sandals, Uriah's flip-flops and the towels. It may not sound a lot but remember, it's a small bag. I put on Verity's armbands and we go to the pool. We meet Uriah at the small pool and I put Verity in the pool for the first time. "Co-cold!!" she slightly screams. I laugh but then frown. This is a big milestone in her life and Tobias is still not here to see it. But Uriah's here, I love him and I feel like I don't tell him that enough. He's always been there for me and Verity and here I am fretting over my ex boyfriend. I rest Verity on my hip, her feet still in the water as I walk over to Uriah. I kiss him on his cheek and he puts him arm around me. I set Verity down in the water properly and she's just floating there because of the armbands causing me and Uri to laugh. I go behind her and push her slightly forward causing her to flap her arms and legs because she doesn't know what's happening. That makes me laugh even more.

-- Time lapse to the hotel room --

I set Verity down after reading her a bedtime story and I go back to our bed. Uri is already asleep in his swimming shorts, snoring like his heart depends on it.
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