Chapter XVII: Finding Motivations

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With a groan, Andrea met Friday. She remained lying on her stomach and blinked at the clock on her bedside. 9 am.

Holden made her stay home because of the report he needed from her and like every employee, she accepted it gratefully, but as she walked out of the office she realized how much pressure was put in her shoulders.

If Lance was just here, she thought and as she did so, memories of that night came crashing back like a sudden downpour of rain.

Sighing, she got up and decided to start her day. No, she will not take a shower, at least that will add more to the motivation thing since she hated feeling stinky.

Andrea trudged to her laptop and powered it up, as she waited, she went and made herself some coffee, her mind trying hard to formulate ideas for their company's new project that was supposed to have been readied by the last one.

"Damn you, whoever left me so much work," she muttered as she walk back to her room, coffee in hand.

She tried to start last night, but her mind kept wandering off to another dimension so she decided to just tuck in early, but that didn't happen. She stared at her laptop as a skype videochat permission popped up her screen, she did not even realize she was on.

As she read the username and recognized it to be Victoria's, she froze. The hot kiss made her forget about Victoria and the whole reason why Lance even got to her home in the first place.

"I am so in trouble," she murmured as she placed her coffee to her nightstand and accepted it.

"ANDIE!" squealed Victoria, completely drowning off the silence of her room.

"I can say your really happy," she smirked and she noticed how Vicky's face suddenly changed from happy to disgusted.

"Ew, dude, it's practically noon, you look like crap," Vicky commented and saw her face on the smaller window.

"I can quite agree with you, but it's for a cause so I gotta do something to keep me motivated," she shrugged.

Vicky raised a brow, "Looking like crap's a motivation?"

Andrea furrowed her brow, "Of course not, not taking a shower is, and a luxurious one will be my price by the time I finish this thing I am doing,"

Victoria rolled her eyes, "Whatever, you are so weird, Andrea," she laughed.

"I know, so... Why skype me?" Andrea asked, completely knowing the answer.

Victoria raised her left hand and there it is, an engagement ring. Andrea feigned surprise, she already knew about it, but of course, Victoria doesn't know she knew.

"I'm so happy for you," Andrea said, true feelings of happiness for her bestfriend bubbling inside her.

Victoria beamed, "I'm so happy for me, too,"

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