"Your girl?" Grayson laughs. "In case you haven't noticed- she's laying in MY bed, wearing MY shirt, cuddling up to ME."

"Gray leave it" I say soothingly. I rub my hand on his chest beneath the duvet to calm him down. I've discovered that any kind of contact between us will immediately stop him from raging. "Why don't we all  just go to sleep unless you two have other plans?"

"Maybe we do" Ethan says not even looking at me.

"Actually I don't think you do" I say pointing to Cailin who is now passed out on Ethan's bed.

"Why did I pick the one girl who can't handle her drink?" Ethan mutters.

"Hey, that's my best friend you're talking about" I say getting out of bed and walking over to her. Ethan used to be my best friend. Things have been so bad with us lately- ever since the stupid waterpark. I can feel him slipping away. I grab Ethan's old shirt and take it to Cailin. I pull the shirt over her and then pull her dress down from underneath so that neither boy can see anything more than arms and legs flying all over the place.

"You're so good to me T" Cailin smiles as she keeps her eyes shut. I lay her back onto the bed and lift her legs under the duvet.

"Now you can either get in with her and make sure she doesn't choke on her own vomit in the night or you can sleep on the floor"

"Well considering she's a hot girl in MY bed" Ethan smirks looking at Grayson.

"You so much as look at her wrong and I'll snap your dick off" I warn him. I'm strong but I don't actually think I'm that capable.

"Chill T, I'm kidding" Ethan says with a small laugh but then soon realises he's mad at me and his expression snaps back to complete hatred.

"Whatever" I roll my eyes and flop back into Grayson's bed.

"I'm convinced your half fish" Grayson laughs.

"I'm a mermaid not a fish" I giggle as Ethan shuts off the light.

"You two make me want to vomit" He groans.

"Thanks babes" I laugh. I kiss Grayson softly and shut my eyes.

"I love you" He whispers. "You're beautiful and perfect and don't you forget it."

"I love you too Gray" I say in a hushed tone before falling fast asleep.


I wake to Grayson kissing my forehead as he lays fast asleep. I look up at him and kiss him softly on his lips. He quickly kisses back as I begin to pull away.

"I could get used to this awakening" He smiles, his eyes shining in the sunlight that bursts through the curtains.

"You're the one who woke me up" I say, a smile playing on my lips.

"Was I snoring?" He says apologetically. "Ethan says I snore but I'm convinced that it isn't me"

"You do snore. Really loudly. I'd appreciate it if you waited until I've fallen asleep before you do in future" I laugh. "But no, you kept kissing me on the head."

"I did? That's cute" He smirks.

"It is indeed" I laugh. Out of the corner of my eye I see Ethan get out of bed and storm downstairs. I sit up immediately and look in the direction he left in.

"You should go talk to him" Grayson says tracing circles on my back with his finger as I hold onto his chest for support.

"You're right" I groan. I don't know if I can face it. Face him. I get up out of bed and throw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms found on the floor of the boy's room.

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