Chapter 41

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*Ajay Mehra Pov*

I waited for her to say something else but she didn't. I took a deep breath and started turning the knob, but stopped hearing her call me again "Ajay!"

"What is it Jiya?" I asked her closing my eyes.

"Don't leave me!" she replied in a whisper, and I can't believe I even heard her.

"What?" I asked her in shock losing the grip on my bag but didn't turn back.

"Don't leave me, Ajay." she said, and I turned back rushing towards her.

She is still sitting on the couch and stared at me when I stood completely near her. My hands shook, but I made them hold her face properly.

"Why?" I asked her bending to be on her eye level taking a deep breath.

"I love you." she replied, and I saw tears forming in her eyes.

"You idiot." I said crashing my lips on her and kissed her with all my effort to tell her how much I missed doing this.

She kissed me back, pulling me on her and continued to do it until we suddenly fell on the floor.

We both laughed with tears falling from our eyes backing away and then hugged each other tightly not giving the other a chance to move away.

"I love you so much Jiya." I said pestering the kisses all over her face.

"I love you too." She said closing her eyes.

"God! Do you have any idea how much sadness I felt these two weeks?" I asked her but didn't stop the kisses.

"I was trying to make you jealous." She said frowning.

"You don't have to try anything Jiya because I am always jealous in your matter." I said laughing, and she hit my shoulder.

"I missed this." I said, planting my lips again on her, and we kissed just like I thought I would when I get a chance like there is no tomorrow.

"So you will not give me divorce right?" she asked when we both released each other for air.

"I would have never even thought about it if it isn't for you. You are sure right?" I asked her after a few minutes.

She glared at me and got up from the floor making me frown. She just turned away, holding my luggage and walked inside our room.

I too stood up and went inside the room to see her throwing my clothes outside the bag and made a pile of them.

"If you ever ask me whether I am sure or not, then I will burn your clothes." she said glaring me.

"When did you realize that you love me?" I asked her smiling at her.

"Last month." She replied walking outside the room to switch off the lights while I sat on the bed in stun.

"What? Last month? Then why didn't you tell me before?" I asked her shocked.

"Well, if I had, then the great practical guru would have given me another practical answer, so I waited for your fight regarding me outside and not through hiding it from me." She replied shrugging and closed the door.

"You were always fighting for me, Ajay. Maybe not in words but your actions always told what you actually want. If the before examples are not enough, then the last hug you gave pulling my life away is perfect." She added as I tried to come to the terms.

"If you still have any doubts, then check your theory." She said walking near me and placed my hand over her heartbeat.

"It is beating like that for you and only you." She said, and I pulled her immediately on me hugging her tightly.

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