Chapter thirty eight

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It was nearing 4 PM, and I was getting ready to barbecue with my family, my little brother's friends and Tyler. After falling asleep at 9 last night, then waking up at 6 (dang jet lag) and taking a nap from 1 until 3 this afternoon, I finally managed to get myself into the shower. Right now, I was putting on my make-up, wearing a simple black t-shirt and blue skinny jeans. Before starting on my make-up, I texted Josh, wishing him a happy birthday for his sister. 

[Josh] "thanks jen :)  have fun at the bbq and thanks for inviting me"

[you] "thank uu"

[Josh] "soRry i couldnt make it. we'll all hang out soon, alright?"

[you]  "deal yo"

I quickly put on a little make-up and sat back on my bed when my mom entered the room. 

"Huge pile of clean clothes coming your way. Can you put them away before Tyler comes?" She said, holding a high stack of (mainly dark) clothing. 

"Sure. Thanks, mom. Is it okay if he comes around four-thirty?"

"That's fine, honey. Ben's friends are already here, so as long as Tyler is here before 6, it's good." 

I put away the clothes, made my bed and cleaned up part of the mess in my room, in case Tyler would see. By the time I was done, it was an hour and a half later, so I proceeded downstairs. As soon as I set my foot on the first step, my mom appeared at the bottom, calling my name. 

"On my way mom, no need to yell."

"oh, sorry, I didn't see. Tyler's here."

"Thanks." I smiled. 

I grabbed a glass of water before entering the backgarden, smiling as I saw my boyfriend, talking to my little brother. He hadn't seen me yet, so I set my glass down on the table, sitting down in the chair across from Tyler, softly setting my feet in his lap. He looked over, smiling brightly.

"Hi." He said, patting my foot. "You look gorgeous."

"Thank you, so do you. As always. How're you?"

"I'm pretty great, how about you?"

"Me too." 

My mom sat down at the table with us, trying to get to know Tyler a little more, talking about his family, the band and some other interests. Dad had started to ignite the barbecue while my brother and his friends were playing games in front of the house. 

"Dad," I asked, "How long do you think it's gonna take?" 

"Until something is ready?"

"Yeah, or until the barbecue is warm enough to actually put food on it?"

"I'm not sure, maybe like 30 minutes?" 

"Alright, thanks." Jenna reminded herself of all those times her dad wanted to buy a gas barbecue, because it'd be quicker and less smelly, but never actually wanted to have one, because 'gas takes away that traditional charcoal taste' -or something like that. 

"Let's go upstairs." I told Tyler, getting up out of my chair. He followed my example and we went inside. I took his hand, leading him to my bedroom.

"Jennn, don't go so fast, wanna hug you first." Tyler pouted, but I saw him smile when I looked at him over my shoulder. 

"Impatient?" I joked. 

"Of course, I haven't seen you in like, three days."

"So I guess it'll be an issue when you and Josh will be recording the album, won't it?"

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