Chapter Tobias (4)

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Tris Pov:

We go to Amity today, so I have to pack for three days and a swimming costume, because if we are going to teach Verity to swim we have to get in the pool with her.

I pack some of the Amity type clothes, a bikini (why do I even have one of them, I don't know?), a small bag and some sandals.
For Verity I pack the same amount of things, some dresses, a pair of sandals and a swimming costume.

I remember that I am still in my pajamas, I throw on a Black crop top that has a white peter pan collar and white buttons, a black skater skirt, black tights, combat boots and a moon and sun necklace.

I brush my hair out and leave it down, putting a black bowler hat on my bed as well.

I go to Verity's pink and black room and see her standing up in bed giggling and talking gibberish to the wall. I laugh and walk to her and pick her up.

"Hi cheeky monkey, we're going on a trip today!"

"Ya ya!" She laughs when I tickle her stomach.

"Let's get you washed and dressed, shall we?"

I take her to the bathroom and see Uriah mesing with his hair while making weird faces, that makes Verity laugh even more.

"Hey my two girls, let's get ready for Amity!"

I nod and set Verity on the floor, while plugging the bath tub plug in and starting the water.

Once the water has filled up I put some bubbles and rubber ducks in, then remove Verity's bedtime clothes and put her in the bath.
I wash Verity's hair and body and get her out, wrapping her in a towel and dry her off.

I put her green and white dress on that has a black bow with some white sandals.
I dry her hazel-brown, curly hair and put it in a tiny ponytail, how she likes it.

I take her hand walk to the small kitchen we have, we have decided to eat breakfast in our apartment today.

Uriah is at the stove, trying  to make pancakes. Verity and I laugh at the sight of him.

"Hey, It's not funny!"

"You're right, Uri. It's hilarious,"

I put her in her high chair and move Uri out the way of the stove, "Sit down mister, let me."

"Mama, foo,"

I start making the pancakes and hand some to them, while I eat an apple and some toast,  Uriah eats his in a matter of minutes and eats another while Verity is still on her first.

-- Time skip --

It is 11 am now and we have to get the train to Amity at 11:15 so we have to get going, we told all our friends that Four is back and that we are going away for about 2-3 days.

We make our way to the train with our bags and wait, I have done this many times with Verity and bags, so we are not worrying.

We wait, then we hear the train coming, we start running and Uriah throws the bags on and jumps on, he really he's his arms out for Verity and hand him her while I jump on.

-- 20 mins later--

It takes 20 minutes to arrive in Amity, once we arrive the train stops we all get off and walk into the opening of Amity.

Honestly, If I wasn't Dauntless I would be in Abnegation or Amity, however Amity has changed a lot since the war.

We get our room key and make our way to the room, I set Verity down on the floor in our room and hand her some toys while me and Uriah unpack our belongings.

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