Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:

                “Come on Jake! Faster!” I yelled on the top of my lungs.

                Before you think we’re doing what you think we’re doing. It’s totally not it. I swear!

                Right now, me and Jake are doing our usual running routine for the last four years. Yes, I’ve been the part of Silver Sun Pack for four years and since I left my old pack, the Fire Moon Pack.

                My life had never been better since the day I found Jake and the boys. They save my life. Jake saved my life that day. I’ve never been that happy for my whole life. Since I’ve been staying with them, I found out who I really am.

                I’m not the same girl I used to be. I’m not a shy pathetic girl anymore. I’ve changed into a strong and independent woman. I’ve found really friends and family. But the most important thing is, I’ve found the love of my life. I’ve found Jake.

                In those four years, my relationship with Jake has grown from friendship into love and I’ve found out many things about him. I’ve found out that his mate, Erica was killed on an accident. The accident was two years before he found me in the forest.

                Another fact about us is since the rogue start to get bigger and dangerous, we have made an organization overcome the rogue. I was the one who suggest it, another fact that I hate rogue with passion because one of the killed my sister, I also afraid for the safety of my pack.

                Me and the boys except for Jake and Dylan are the member of the organization. Jake and Dylan can’t be the official member of our organization because they are the alpha and the beta of our pack. They have their own jobs and so does we.

                We called our self as Kirā. It’s the Japanese language of the killer.

              But killing isn’t the only thing that we do. Other than killing rogue for the safety of our pack, we’re also be the packs fighter and being the mentor when the pack members are training. After all, we’re the best fighter in the pack.

            As I said before, even Jake and Rick isn’t the official member of our organization. They’re sometimes helped us on our mission. Other than that, Jake or Dylan would be the one who gave us our mission. Sometimes we’re going to the other packs land to help them fighting the rogues.

             “Anna, stop!” I heard Jake yelled from behind. I dead stop on my track and turn on my heel. After all this years, I haven’t told them that my real name is Isabella. I don’t know why ... But I just can’t. I can’t bring myself to do it.

              If you are wondering if they knew about my past, they knew.

           The only thing I lied about is my name. I don’t want to be Isabella anymore, because I’m no longer Isabella. I’m no longer the same person I used to be. I’ve changed.

            “What?” I asked.

          I start to make my way over him and his lips start to form this really sexy smile. Oh man! I’ve never get enough of him, I thought to myself.

          “I’m sure you are. How can you get enough of this?” he said pointing over his body with one eye brow raised.

“Did you just spying on my thoughts?”

          “What? You didn’t block it from me,” he said while grinning to me. He spread his arm, waiting for me to come in his arm, displaying his sexy bare chest. I’m took him in and stared at his body with hunger before looking him in the eyes.

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