Chapter 4 ♡

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2 months later....

"Let's go bowling tonight." my bestfriend Marica told me. "Roger wants me to come see him today."

"Roger?" I asked. Roger was one of Diggy's other close friends.

"Oh, you don't wanna see Diggy... It's cool. I don't think he'll be there."

"I don't care about Diggy, Rica."

"Sure you don't."

"I don't."

"Then come with me dumbass."

"I will."

"Fine. Get ready, we leave in 2 hours." She smiled and left the room.

I sighed, texted Jacob telling him where I was going and got dressed.


Jacob's POV

I read my text from Zaria and smiled. She was coming bowling with us tonight.

"Zaria's coming yall." I said aloud.

Spin smiled, Roger and Twist nodded, Diggy looked at me then back at his phone.

"No offense bro. But your little sis is hella fine." Twist told me.

"None taken." I told him laughing.

"Tell the truth yall, if Zaria came in here right now, which one yall would fuck her?" Twist asked laughing.

I got a little irritated but didn't let it show.

"I damn near would, but I'm with Marica." Roger said.

"Marica got that ass bruh." Twist told him and they did a handshake.

Spin shook his head and laughed.

"Dig, tell me you hit that." Twist told Diggy.

"Hit what?" He said looking up from his phone.


Diggy shook his head but smirked.

I looked at him and he saw my facial expression and looked at me back.

"Lets go. The girls are probably waiting."


Zaria's POV

Marica, Arielle and I walked into the secluded section of the bowling alley. We saw the guys and they all seemed to be staring at me.

Marica and Roger got into their only little corner kissing and hugging.

I went by Jacob and gave him a hug.

He smiled at me as I sat next to him.

"You look nice."

"Thanks bro."

He made a face when I called him 'bro' but quickly smiled when I grabbed his hand.

"You don't know how bad I wanna kiss you right now." he whispered.

"Kiss me." I challenged.


I laughed.

"Zaria, I'm serious. We could be over there in a corner like Rog and Marica. But instead, I have to see you hugged up on Daniel."

"Diggy? I haven't spoke to him in forever."

"Good keep it that way."

I rolled my eyes at his jealousy and saw Diggy, Spin and Arielle coming our way.

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