Because The Bad Boys Said So .4

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Because The Bad Boys Said So 4.

My blood froze instantly.

He was just casually leaning against my black skyline with his arms folded against his chest looking as dashing as ever. My mouth just watered at the sight of his chest being pushed up and his huge muscles over his jacket.

What was I gonna do? I really, really, really didn't want to talk to him right now I mean, what would he want to talk about? Why would he even want to talk to me anyway?! How awkward would it be if the whole 'kissing' subject was brought up. I mean, there was basically no other reason he would want to talk to me. He probably even forgot my name by now. Elementery school was ages ago. We're seniors now! and years on later he hadn't even glanced my way, well not until today.

I took in some deep breaths. I could just maybe hide behind some car waiting for him to get bored of waiting for me and leave me alone. Oh, God. I seemed like such a big wuss at the moment, I mean. I always was a wuss but never this big. I took in some more deep breaths as I again, contemplated my next move. Ok, maybe you should just go up to him like a normal human being and just casually greet him. Like the whole kissing scenario never happened? I mean, that way I wouldn't look like a total desperate loser.

Slowly I stepped closer towards my car and walked closer towards Chase. It really wasn't helping that he was so intimidating.....and tall....and well-bulit....and so freaking good looking!

I grabbed my keys from my pocket and jingled them along with me as I walked. I mean, you know. To make it seem more casual. Okay, jingling your jeys was not casual. Jingling was a stupid word! Who even made up that word anyway. Jingling...stupid -- Sandy! Relax. You can do this. No biggy, he was just some guy that you kissed during lunch. No biggy.

"Umm...hey." I greeted him only managing a small nervous smile to fall onto my lips. Play it cool Sandy. Play it cool. I reminded my self.

Chase's head snapped towards mine as he heard me. A small smirk twitched at the corner of his lips making my heart beat even faster and look down at them for a brief extra second more than necassery.

"Hey," His deep voice said. My voice got caught in my throat. I really had no idea what to say anymore. It was like I was stuck on mute. I looked like an idiot right now didn't I. Well an even bigger one than I had before. I couldn't stand on one foot for less the five seconds so I was always fidgeting with them, I was also playing with my hands interwining it together and my eyes were fixed on the ground.

"So......." Were the only coherent words that came out of my mouth. "Err....about lunch..." I started. What the hell. Why was I even going onto that topic now! This was what I had been trying to avoid. "I'm sorry." I chewed on my lip nervously and looked towards the ground while rubbing the back of my neck. Wow, so much for playing it cool Sandy.

I heard a chucke erupt from Chase and my eyes snapped towards his. "Yeah about that..." He ran his hands through his soft hair and stepped closer to me. "I know you want me." He winked and my eyebrows furrowed while my mouth opened abit from his words. "But I just wanted to tell you. Don't do it again." He ran his eyes over my face with a smirk and just like that. He walked past me brushing his shoulder against mine with another chuckle.

"Oh wait." he turned around and leant into my ear. I didn't turn around because I knew we would be face to face. Butterfly's fluttered around my stomach as his breath was inbetween my ear and hair. "Your a really good kisser." He smiled and then again turned around and started walking away.

Oh My God....Did he just say that? I stood in my spot for awhile running what he told me over and over again through my head. What a jerk, I don't want him!

I took in some deep breaths. "Asshole." I muttered under my breath and quickly opened my car and jumped in starting my drive towards home. That....that...self-centered jerk! I didn't know what to feel right now. I felt rejected in a way. I mean, he told me to not kiss him again, but then he told me that I was a really good kisser.

Could this day get any worse?

Suddenly I slammed onto my brakes making the car tyres screech loudly as a group of middle year students crossed the road. They quickly ran across the road looking back at me in panic. I started hyperventalating from the shock running through my veins. Parents gave me disapproving looks and I sunk a little lower in the drivers seat.

Nope, I thought wrong. This day could get alot worse.


Eeekk! I was so excited from the amount of votes and comments I recieved on this story that I had to upload! PAGE 3 ON THE WHATS HOT LIST! *screams loudly* so exciting!! :)

Thank you guys SO much for your supportive comments. Did you get to know Chase a little bit more? I know not much of him but were gonna get there! This is only the 4th chapter! :D Yes, its short but I wanted to get something on here & not leave you guys hanging! :)

Thanks for reading and sticking with this story! Much Appreicated :))

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