Chapter 1

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"Zayn! I need help picking an outfit!" Louis shouts as he stands in front of his closet, in just a pair of dark panties.

Zayn walks into Louis' room and Louis doesn't even have to look at Zayn to know he's rolling his eyes. Zayn and Louis are really close. They've known each other since kindergarten and the pair had dreamed of living together all of their lives.

Zayn was Louis' best friend, he had been with him through thick and thin. "Louis, why must I pick out your clothes like your mum?" Zayn asks, with his thick accent.

Zayn rummages through Louis' closet grumbling incoherently. "Thank you Zaynie." Louis says sitting on the bed.

"Yeah whatever. Why does it even matter what you wear? We wear an apron over our clothes, no one will see your clothes." Zayn says.

"I still need to look good Zayn, what if a guy sees me without an apron?" Louis argues.

"Still on the daddy hunt?" Zayn asks and Louis rolls his eyes but blushes. In one of the porns the boys had watched the submissive had called his dominant Daddy and that really fucking turned Louis on. Now Zayn can't let it go.

"Zayn I don't even know if all dominants like that, but technically yes, I am still on a Daddy hunt." Louis says and Zayn chuckles, handing the smaller boy an outfit.

Zayn and Louis really didn't have a dress code at work, their boss Niall was nice and he wasn't to strict. They don't even really have to wear aprons, but Louis is always afraid to stain his clothes so he usually does.

Louis looks over the clothes tossed on his bed and he decides he really likes the outfit. There is just basic tight dark jeans, a white shirt and a jean jacket.

"Get your flat ass out here Louis! We gotta leave in ten!" Zayn shouts and causing Louis to laugh and roll his eyes.

Louis quickly gets dressed and then he run his fingers through his fringe. Louis pulls Vans onto his tiny feet and then he grabs his phone and runs out of the room.

"My ass is not flat Zayn and I am very insulted that you would say such a thing." Louis says seriously and Zayn laughs.

"I know babes, I know." Zayn says, smacking Louis' bum as they leave the house.


"Hey Nialler!" Zayn greets their boss as him and Louis enter through the back.

"Oi what's up Malik?" Niall asks, Irish accent, loud as always.

"Nothing much Niall, just happy to be at work." Zayn replies and Niall nods with a smile.

"Hey Lou." Niall greets the smaller boy with a smile.

"Hey Niall, how's Liam?" Louis asks, yes Niall is in a relationship with a dude and yes they make the hottest couple ever.

"He's doing good, he's being amazing as always." Niall says, his eyes lighting up instantly at the mention of his boyfriend. "He's always been into cooking an he recently got a job as this really rich guys cook. It's great pay and Liam really likes it, so that's cool."

"Can we save the couple talk for later, we're about to open." Zayn says and Niall nods, his cheeks reddening softly.

"Of course, you guys know what to do." Niall says quickly as he goes to the front to make sure everything's in place.

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