Chapter 30

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Avery's POV:

I slip on the vintage heels I bought from a cute little shop in town and wave my mother goodbye.

I hurry outside to see allow he little kids in their costumes and Jase dressed in a slick suit with his hair jelled back.

I hop in the car and give him a quick kiss before we start off for the school dance.

The week flew by and its finally Friday. The whole school has been buzzing about it and would shut up. Jase and I decided to go as Bonnie and Clyde due to this towns lack of costume stores and surplus of old vintage stores.

I'm currently wearing a yellow knit top and a kaki skirt with a matching beret. It wasn't too hard to throw together a decent costume.

I mean at least I'm not a slutty bunny,right?

We pull into the parking lot and walk over to the gym, I hand the chaperone our tickets and walk in.

The music is roaring and the smoke and spot lights make the Halloween vibe settle in a little.

"Want a drink?" Jase offers as he takes my hand and lead me to the snack table. Knowing him he won't even eat anything, nothing here would be vegan.

"No, I'm good." I say stuffing a few pretzels in my mouth and Jase smiles at me with his sparkly eyes.

"Than lets dance." He says dragging me to the dance floor. I follow him laughing my ass of at how stupid we probably look.

I'm pretty sure we are just jumping and flailing but to us it's fun.

A few songs pass with us doing our stupid moves. A slow song comes on and we stop for a second.

He smiles at me and puts his hand out for me to take. I place my hand in his and he wraps his arm around my waist. We slowly dance to the song and I lean against his chest. His heart is still racing from before and it's calming to listen to it.

Remember how I mentioned slutty bunnies? Well one just hopped right through the door, and guess who it is?

As we sway I see Brett walk in with Maddie and her little white ears. I should have guessed.

Brett's costume is what gets me. I try my hardest to contain my laughter. He's dressed like Tom Cruise from Risky Business. He has the white button up, sunglasses, socks and boxers on.

It truly was a sight to see.

As the song finishes Violet, Parker, Owen and Reese walk up.

"Hey guys." I greet joining them at at table since I'm a little winded from all the dancing.

"Hey how's the night been?" Violet asks as Jase pulls up a seat next to me.

"Great." He answers for me as he take my hand in his.

"Aw, are you two Bonnie and Clyde?" Reese teases and I smack his arm playfully.

"Oh are you guys going to the after party?" Owen interjects and I look to Jase. We shrug unsure if we want to.

"Hey guys." Brett says walking up and I hear the guys snicker at his costume.

"Hey there Joel Goodsen!" Parker teases as Maddie strolls up in her spandex leotard.

I swear as soon as she showed up Reese and Owen groaned and rolled their eyes, glad to know I'm not the only one who hated her.


We all chat for awhile and it's been getting kinda of hot with all the moving bodies.

"Brett, let's dance babe." Maddie says smirking as she runs her nails up and down his arm.

He silently agrees and stands up walking with her to the dance floor.

"I'm gonna grab a drink, anyone want one?" Jase asks standing up. No one responds so he just walks off to the snack table.

"Ave, please come get some air with me, it's like hell in here, and I know I'm dressed like the devil but I can't deal with this heat." Violet begs me and I gladly follow we outside if only just for a moment.

"Why did you want to dress as the devil?" I ask her jokingly as I breath in the sweet fresh oxygen that cools my skin.

"I don't know, it seemed fun." He shrugs and I don't object. We stand in silence for a moment before I overhear someone talking about a fight.

I turn to Violet knowing she heard it too. A worried look sprawls across our faces as we run inside.

I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Jase and Brett are in the center of a crowd screaming at each other than it happens. Jase lurches forward arms open and Brett takes a swing and then next thing I know they are throwing punches and I can't look away no matter how hard I try.

What the actual fuck? What the hell is wrong with them?! These two asshole couldn't have taken it outside or dealt with their problems like civilized adult but no, they had to go and get in a fist fight in the middle of a school dance. 

I can't stand either of them right now, whatever the hell they were fighting about could have waited until they weren't in fucking public.

I grab Reese since I see him near by, I fuming with anger, how could they both be so immature.

"Take me to the party please." I ask as he silently agrees and we exit this building, I need a god damn drink.

Jase's POV:

I watch as Avery and Violet walk out the gym doors and I take a sip of the sugar filled punch.

"Heyy." A soft voice cooes as I turn and look at this sophomore with a huge rack who's dressed as a slutty kitty.

"Hey baby girl." I smile back letting her hand trail up my abs. Don't get me wrong Avery's hot and all but this sophomores got such a hot bod. Plus this whole relationship thing hasn't been fulfilling my need if you get my drift.

"Geez you're so hot I could kiss you right now." The sophomore blurted out and blushed but began to press against me with her body, slutty. This seems fun.

"Then why don't you?" I ask her back leaning down and she smiles as she brings her lips to mine. They meet for only a second.

"Jase!" I hear someone call from the dance floor and I slowly look over to find Brett walking over to me. "What is wrong with you? You have the perfect girlfriend and yet you insist on flirting with a freaking sophomore?!"

I cant take anything he says seriously, he's wearing boxers for one. "Brett, we all know you're in love with Avery so fuck off." I say not giving him a second glance but pushing the sophomore off me.

"I'm going to pretend you didn't say that Brennan." He warns, if he's trying to be intimidating it's not working.

"Why? Because it's true?" I asks egging him on.

"There are people who care for her, you can't go around cheating on her." He tries to be gallant but it just makes him sound pathetic. Love struck idiots who have nothing better to do than obsess with girls way out of their leagues.

"That cute, you have a crush, but she'd always pick me. You're nothing to her Brett, she'd always pick me over you." I say pushing him back, I want too see the defeat in his eyes because he won't win her, he never stood a chance. I don't even want her that bad and he still could win her.

Next thing I know there a sharp sting in my cheek. Did that asshole really just punch me?

I bring my fist back and swing it at his jaw. We are swept up in a whirl wind of fists, I feel the blood trickle from my nose and than all of a sudden it stops.

I'm pulled back and away from him. I want to keep swinging at the brat but I know it's useless.

He is slumped over with blood on his white shirt, I told you you'd never win.

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