Chapter 37

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*Jiya Pov*

"God! Save me." I shouted, holding my head.

"Don't shout, Jiya." He said, groaning beside me.

"This is all because of you." I said hitting his shoulder.

"How is it my fault?" he asked, holding his head.

"Who asked you to buy me ice cream at lunch and then at a movie theatre and then at the park and then at the dinner? And to top off that we stayed under the fake rain." I replied sniffing.

"Well, you made me eat that while you are doing the same, so the blame doesn't go only on me. We just got flu, so deal with it." He said, and I closed my eyes with a feel to knock his head with mine.

"Let's drink some milk and take some tablet." I said getting down.

"I am feeling dizzy." I said, holding the bed.

"Let's go together." He said getting down and we both walked inside the kitchen, stumbling but held each other for support.

"A little better, but it is not enough." I said and sneezed after some time.

"We can't go to the office with this otherwise they all will get sick." He said and started calling the receptionist.

"But then what about the meetings?" I asked him frowning.

"We lost them and if they really want to deal with us, then they will come again. If not, then it's their loss." He replied.

"This is all because of you." I said, plopping on the couch.

"Yeah, yeah! I am the one who did everything." He said, plopping beside me and we both sneezed.

"We need something to eat." I said, but not have the interest to eat anything.

"I will bring some bread or something after some time." He mumbled and closed his eyes leaning back.

"Yeah, ok." I mumbled, closing my eyes myself and we both drifted off into sleep on the couch itself.

"Wake up!" I felt him shaking and looked up to see him, placing the bread slices in front of me.

"When did you go outside?" I asked him frowning.

"I didn't! I didn't have any energy to go so I asked the helper to help us with this situation." He replied, and we both started eating them.

"I can't breath properly." I said, trying to breath through my nose.

"Even mine are blocked." He said and pressed his hand on my forehead.

"You have a fever." He said and then started searching for a thermometer.

Finally, it seems I have a fever, and I made him check too. He too got a fever. What an amazing situation?

I walked inside the kitchen and put some water in the fridge to get cold. After some time, we both lay on the bed and put cold cloths on each other foreheads helping each other.

"We make a great team." He mumbled, closing his eyes.

"Yeah! This is such a funny situation." I said chuckling.

"Should we go and check up with the doctor?" he asked worriedly.

"I don't think so! It is not that high fever. We will get down from it today but for cold, it will take a few days." I replied, and he nodded.

Like we thought, by the night time, we both didn't have any fever, but just had the feeling of feverish.

"What shall we do? I am bored." I said looking at him.

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