Social Worker

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"How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one." - Abraham Lincoln

Angel's P.O.V.

It's a luxury to wake up in a warm bed. Not everyone realizes this but it is. It's nice to wake up in a bed at all. The soft sunlight creeped through my windows. I did a whole weird stretch thing before throwing back the covers. The clock next to me said eight in the morning and my stomach said it was time for breakfast. Scooby was hot on my heels as I padded into the kitchen, only to realize everyone was still asleep. I started making breakfast for everyone, partly because I felt obligated to them and partly because I genuinely enjoy cooking.

Breakfast didn't take long, it was just eggs, pancakes, and hash browns. I ate my breakfast and when finished, I debated on waking up the boys. I didn't want to make them angry but I didn't want their food to get cold either. I sucked up the fear and went to Niall's room first. I quietly knocked on the door. I heard shuffling and a loud crash followed by a curse word before Niall opened the door, rubbing his knee.

"Are you okay? Did I wake you? Sorry, I should probably just-" I panicked before Niall interrupted me.

"Angel, calm down, I'm fine. I was already up, just playing on my phone. Even if I wasn't asleep, you can always wake me up if you need to. Now, why did you need me?" Niall soothed my nerves.

" I made breakfast and I didn't want it to get cold, so I came to wake you and the others up." Niall nodded and then headed off to wake up the boys, while I meandered back to the kitchen, unsure of what to do.

Not long after, all the boys came in looking like the walking dead and inhaling their breakfast while I tried to stifle my laughter at their sleepy ness.

The day slowly passed with some awkwardness in the air. It wasn't the boys fault, it was me. I wasn't sure how I should act around them. I didn't want to cross any lines and anger them, but I had no clue what the lines were and I surely was not going to ask.

Niall, Liam, and Louis were watching a football game on the television while Zayn and Harry were on their phones. I was kind of awkwardly sitting on the couch, not really interested in the football game ( I don't know any of the rules) and afraid it would be rude to hide out in my room reading. Thankfully, Scooby sensed my distress and hopped onto my lap, obviously under the impression that he is a lap dog an eighth of his actual size. I didn't really mind it though and focused on petting him.

Then, there was a knock at the door.


I believe in little decisions. That every choice you make determines your future. Like for example, you drop your jar of Nutella, so you have to go to the store to buy another. While at the store, you bump into a girl. Said girl ends up becoming your very close friend, and her brother the man of your dreams. That's why I like the little things. It's nice to know that everything you do matters.

Speaking of little decisions, one with a lot of power was made when Scooby was sitting on my lap that day. I think about often, especially now, in my darkest moment. There was a time when I was grateful for that decision, but now I only wish that Harry had never opened that door.


I hate when people stare at me. Especially the way she is. She confuses me. She looks very uptight, with her fancy suit and sophisticated glasses. Her blonde hair was pulled into a tight bun that makes her look a lot older than she actually does, I'd say she's somewhere around thirty but she looks ten years older. But the vibe she was giving off was kindness buried underneath professionalism.

So I did what I always do in an awkward situation. I avoided eye contact and fiddled my thumbs. Now she shuffling through her fancy briefcase, continuing to make me fidget.

"Hello Evangeline, my name is Elisabeth Banks and I am your social worker. Now, I think that you understand that your adoption process is not normal. Because of your adopters fame and youth, Child Services worries that you will not receive proper care. I have already spoken to the boys that my job is not to help them keep you but to insure your well being. So, they will have to finish a year long probation period with you. During this time, they will be observed very closely, if they fail their duties as guardians then you will be placed in foster care. Now, to be sure that you are mentally ready for the type of pressure that comes with association to famous people, I have brought a psychologist to evaluate you." She finished finally. I remember most of what she said, I think. She called out to someone, and an attractive but older man came in to the kitchen. He was blond also and looked to be the same age as Ms. Banks.

"This is Dr. Ben Tate, he will evaluate you. I will watch and if you feel distressed about the situation, please let me know and this evaluation will end." The man smiled warmly at me. He looked pretty nice, but you can never really tell with people. He started off with a few basic questions, before moving on to important ones. These mostly included self image questions which I think I did pretty well on. However, some required quite a bit of thought.

"What would your reaction be if someone called you a demeaning name or insulted you?" He questioned, his pen hovering over his notepad. I chewed on my lip a bit before answering.

"Well, I guess it depends who is saying it. If it's a stranger I would definitely brush it off. But if it's someone that I know, it may be a bit hurtful. All in all though, I think I would be okay. Because, you know, calling something by a name doesn't necessarily mean that's what it is. I could call you a horse, and while that might make you believe it, it doesn't mean you are one. You know?" I rambled a bit. Dr. Tate looked pretty satisfied with my answer and thanked me, saying that was all he had. The duo left the room and the boys came rushing in. Niall grabbed my face between his hands frantically.

"Are you okay Angel? Did they hurt you? Did they brainwash you?" He fired questions in rapid succession, my cheeks still squished between his hands.

"Getyohawndsoffamaface." I mumbled.

"Oh no! This is worse than I feared! They have erased her memory to the point that she can't even speak properly!" Niall cried hysterically, the boys looking on in confusion. Rolling my eyes, I took his hands off my face.

"Niall, what are you blubbering on about? Why would they have brain washed me? Have you been watching that Discovery show?" I questioned, my suspicions confirmed with an embarrassed nod. Note to self: don't let Niall watch documentaries on brain washing.

Author's Note:

Sorry about not updating in forever. I would like for my readers to know that I don't have a lot of time to write and that I am a really slow writer. So basically, I will have slow updates. Also, I didn't realize I hadn't mentioned this until recently but, you know the parts in the story where it seems like Angel is talking to the reader? Well that is her present self, everything else are the memories she is replaying in a way. The reason will reveal itself much later in the book. Also, if anyone thinks they have good ideas for filler chapters, feel free to message me on Wattpad. I'm in need of a few filler chapters before my next plot point.



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