Chapter Two: Divert a plan

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Barging into the palace wasn't really a big deal. I got past the guards with my invisibility cloak, but I knew it was wearing off. Increasing my speed, I raced to the tower where my room previously was. Just as my fingers brushed the edge of the open window pane, I grabbed hold of the bricks next to it -hoping it wouldn't collapse on me- and hauled myself into the room. I had no time to relax on that fluffy thing of a bed, although I really wanted to.

I threw open the wooden double doors and marched right out, my braided hair flying behind me. I wouldn't be surprised if Pixis wasn't here at the moment, he may have gone back to the Garrison. Just as I turned and walked down one of the halls, I was caught.

"Thorn?" The voice was familiar. Turning on my heel, I came to face whoever it was, and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in.

"Nile, it's just you," my mind was cleared and I tried to hide the relieved smile.

"Thorn, what are you doing here? We haven't seen you in ages," He seemed mad and confused at the same time.

 That's when I knew- right. I should have been dead.

"Uh, long story," I muttered, running my hands through my fringe that was now out of place.

"No- you tell me everything, from the beginning." He exclaimed a little to loudly and crossed his arms over his chest.

"I was going to wait for Pixis-," and he cut me off.

"I'll tell him for you, go ahead with your little fairy-tale,"

"I'm still the princess here you know," I spoke through gritted teeth.

His eyes widened in realization even though I was actually messing with him, and he bowed. "My apologizes, I've forgotten your place in this palace,"

Again with the formal talk. That's when I decided to tell him the whole thing, from when I left this palace, to here. But I'd left out the part about Annie, just in case he knows something about her. She was formerly part of the Military Brigade. I also left out everything about Farlan and Isabel.

He nodded at everything and leaned back on the wall, "Hmm, I think I understand the situation. I'll give you back-up, you train with Pixis."

I froze, "Back-up?"

He cleared his throat, "I suggest you find somewhere else to stay, you can't stay here. They may be looking for you, knowing that your crystal melted,"

He was right.

If I couldn't stay here, I couldn't stay in the cities –too many people know me there- or the streets –they look up to me as a real savior there too- neither the underground –Farlan and Isabel may still be there, I don't know if I had forgave them yet, not for injecting me, but for being able to take care for themselves that way.

My face expression must have been that I was thinking deeply, because Nile had a softened expression for quite a second. Then, it became strict again.

"I have nowhere to go," I say, shaking my head in dismay.

"Thorn, do you think you can survive on your own?" He immediately answered with a question.

I thought carefully about that, whatever he meant, I knew something was up.

"Not by myself, no,"

He was taken aback by my answer. Maybe he thought I was powerful-all-mighty? I wasn't, I'm still more human than a different being.

"Outside the walls," he mumbled. I raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"The only chances of you surviving from humans are outside the walls,"

Ha, so if I wanted to survive from humans, I'd have to face titans. Tch, what is this?

"Are you kidding me?"

"No. It's your only answer,"

I shuddered, like lightning had struck me. Titans, come to think of it, I never really went up against a titan in a while. The whole time, I had been running from humans.

From humanity.

From humanity's greatest soldier.

What? Why is that in my head? Thinking of corporal at times like these. I had nothing to do with him anyway.

"I'll send birds to give you messages. They're lyre-birds, best mimicking audios you can get,"

Lyre-birds, I've heard of them from an old folk down in the underground. He kept on rambling about what they were capable of doing. They're both harmful and helpful.

I agreed to him with a satisfied nod.

"I heard from Pixis he trained you with encrypting and decrypting sounds, especially with that hearing aid of yours," Nile said.

"He did," I answered simply.

"We could encrypt the birds' messages just in case someone else gets hold of it," he added, "it's safer that way."

This was good, all good. I now had contact with the people within the walls.

"But I still can't be the only human out there alone," I looked back at him with a stern expression, stating that I was serious.

"Then, recruit someone. Actually, recruit two members. A trio is the best surviving number you can get with a stats as high as yours,"

Now he was serious. The first name that came to mind was Hitch Dreyse.

This was running really smooth and there was a spark of hope that I'd survive out there.

"I'll take the chance then,"

He looked at me weirdly, "You'd accept it that easily?"

"I'm not accepting, I'm merely agreeing to your suggestion, Nile,"

He moved back a little, and nodded respectively. He didn't even know what was coming next; I punched his shoulder jokingly, hoping that the expression on my face turned out to be a smile, not a forced happy emoticon.

"I'm messing with you, Nile. Just missing how it feels to be top priority around here,"

"O-oh, right," he answered, rubbing the arm that I punched. I winced; I must have hit it too hard then.

"I'll contact Pixis. You should get a good rest, tomorrow you'll have a long day ahead of you."

I did a small courtesy with my jeans, although I knew it looked ridiculous. I saw a small smile twitch up on his face.

"Good luck," he answered plainly as I walked by him, "I appreciate the things you've done, too," I muttered, then headed back to my room.

I kicked off the shoes and changed out of my dirty Survey Corpse outfit. I wondered how long I was frozen in that outfit.

I was used to it now, my eye glowing and all. I missed my long hair that I chopped off just to be Mika. I fiddled with the glasses that Eren had given me.

Eren spoke up. "Why are your glasses tinted?" That made me freeze. Levi's lips pressed into a straight line.

"I-I...." I stuttered silently. "No reason really,"

"Well that's great because I found a pair you might like!" Eren said and took out a great looking pair. It was almost the same one I had, but with the dark moss green outline of the wings of freedom. He passed it on to me and underneath the shades, my eyes widened. Then Eren set out a small mirror. "Arigatou,"

Eren, huh. The guy that tried so hard to befriend me, and just as my power started getting stronger, he couldn't go near me anymore. He was weak around me for some reason.

My eye patch was still with me, but my tinted glasses were gone. Before I knew it, my eyes dropped shut, my mind moved elsewhere and I drifted off to sleep.


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