Fairytale Twist - Ominous Fate

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Fairytale Twist - Ominous Fate

Through the tall, spindly trees shone a light, a beacon of hope; the promise of warmth, safety and family. Frightened and alone, they had wandered in this vast, strange place. Their pod had housed others, yet they'd emerged alone, their supplies lost upon impact.

This gleaming craft had landed intact. Hands shaking in anticipation of the riches within, they slid fingers over the glossy, bright surface. Each inch was a promise, the lights, a bright hope. The hatch hissed as it opened, and a sweet voice called from within.

“Come children, I’m so pleased to see you.” With open arms stood a woman. Though not their mother, but she was human, and that was enough. Crying in joy they ran into her welcome embrace.

Entombed in familiar surroundings, their ominous fate became evident. Their host too, was the sole survivor, though by her own choice.



Futuristic twist on Hansel and Gretel.

Copyright © 2013 by Marie Chavez

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