Chapter 36

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*Ajay Mehra Pov*

"Happy second anniversary." I whispered in her ear and kissed on her cheek.

She immediately opened her eyes and asked, "What?"

"Today is our second-year anniversary." I replied.

"Oh!" She mumbled and added, "I don't remember at all but how can you remember it. You forgot first time right?"

"I didn't! I just acted like I forgot, but I didn't forget it at all." I replied and turned around to face me within a second.

"You are really a great actor." She said, and I flinched turning away.

"Happy second anniversary." She whispered, placing her hand around me, and I smiled patting it.

"Now go to sleep. We have so much to do tomorrow." I said, looking at the clock that it is past five minutes to twelve.

"What about the office?" She asked, and I can imagine a frown on her face.

"We are going to bunk." I replied, and we both drifted off into sleep.

"Wake up!" she said waking me up in the morning.

"You said we have so much to do right? Then what are you doing sleeping like this?" She asked, and I sat up to see her holding a plate full of pancakes.

"Bed breakfast?" I asked her smiling.

"No! First brush your teeth and have your food." She replied, pulling the plate away.

"Yes, Madam." I said, walking away and returned to see another plate.

I was just about to take my first bite, but she calmly asked me "Where are we going?"

"Is this a bribe?" I asked her.

"Maybe." She replied and chuckled at my face.

"Now, eat them otherwise I will finish them." She threatened, and I started eating them.

"So, where are we going?" She asked after I finished.

"Get ready, Jiya." I replied, and I started getting ready.

I walked outside the washroom and entered the room to see her standing before the mirror and adjusting her Saree properly.

I leaned on the door and continued to gaze at her. She too glanced at me through the mirror but continued to get ready.

"How am I looking?" She asked turning around.

I placed a hand on my heart beat and said, "It has raised."

"Such a flirt, but thanks." She said smiling.

"This Saree is beautiful." I said, looking at her.

"I wore it last year in our last anniversary party." She said frowning.

"Oh! I am sorry." I said, remembering how I didn't want to have some stupid notion to make her angry.

"It's ok! Don't think about it now let's go." She said walking outside, and we both left the house.

"First we will go to some temple." I said, and she nodded.

When we stood near the steps, she glanced at me. She smirked, and I glared at her.

"It is a movie, so they accepted it, and it was for some tradition too, but I don't think they will accept here." I said, and she sighed.

"Fine." I said and lifted her up in my arms.

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