chapter 1) is it too late for a last dance?

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Stars pov
Marco and I sat around eating nachos like usual. Mrs.Diaz walked in acting jittery and excited.
"you know what Friday is?" she asked in excited voice.
"garbage day?" asked Marco not so thrilled about the idea of shoveling garbage into the can after are last battle with Ludo.
*quick flash back*
"rainbow narwhal blast!!!" I yelled aiming my wand at one of Ludo's henchmen, blowing up the trash can, garbage flying everywhere.
*current time*
I cringed thinking about that.
"no silly," Marcos mom said ruffling his hair. "it's your school dance"
Marco almost choked on his nachos.
my eyes grew wide," Marco you never told me you have a school dance!" I said excitedly bouncing up and down in my seat.
"ya, I guess it just slipped my mind."he said scratching the back of his neck.
"can we go, pleas, please, please." I begged him tugging on his arm. Marcos mom smiled at us.
"I guess, but we have to get clothing" Marco said thoughtfully.
"star I'll help you pick out a dress." said Mrs. Diaz kindly. I thanked her and we headed to the store.
after going thew racks of dresses I picked out a peach dress with shooting stats embroidering the top, yellow heels and my classic horns.
when we got home Marcos mom told me I couldn't show him until right before the dance.
the week passed by slowly. Endless classes, mountains of homework, and boring lectures about stuff the students where never gonna use in life. but Friday FINALY arrived.
"Marco are you gonna ask some to dance with you?" I asked thinking he's probably still obsessed about Jacky.
"no" he said looking straight ahead and not giving any emotion.
"why not?" I asked slightly baffled.
"because there's no one to ask." he replied in a matter of fact tone.
"oh" was all I could come up with. the rest of the walk home was silent.
once we arrived I went to my room, Marco greeted his mother then he too went to his room. I finished my homework, then started getting ready for the dance. Mrs.Diaz  knocked on my door shortly after I finished lacing the back of the peach dress, and offered to do my hair. I agreed, and she set to work. when she was done it look amazing.She fishtailed my hair French braid style with ribbons added into it and the end was a shooting star clip.
my makeup was light eyeshadow and peach lipstick, and my devil horns.
I waited down stairs for Marco. he came down in a white button up shirt a vest and black dress pants. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. after taking a million pictures and lots of tears from Marcos mom we walked to the school. arriving in the gym we found practically the hole school dressed in prom attire. I lost Marco in the crowd but didn't pay much mind to it. as the night progressed people started to leave. The dance floor was no longer crowded. I was looking around for Marco and spotted him at a table in the far corner. I walked over and sat down.
"hey Marco, why are you over here by yourself?" I asked him.
"nothing I just think this dance is boring" he replied.
"wanna dace?" as I said that a slow song came on.
he smiled,"ya sure why not."
we danced until the end and when Mr.Diaz showed up to pick us up me and Marco where smiling like idiots.

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