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Yay! Another request about France! France is in my top 3 characters :3 But so, this was requested by blueladybug1 and I hope you enjoy~
You lived with your best friend, France. And you did know one thing, he liked cats.

You, being a Neko, get along well with him.

"Alright Mon Ami, I'll be back soon!" He said as he left the house, which means you had it all to yourself.

You curled up onto the couch, your ears going flat in relaxation and your tail curling around your hips some.

Knowing Francis wouldn't be back for about half an hour, you took these times to take your cat naps.

Your shirt rode up your abdomen as you got comfy and you started dozing off.

Not but thirty minutes later, Francis came home with bags in his hands and took them to the kitchen.

He went into the living room, smiling at you and started petting behind your ears.

Purring, you lifted your head up into his hand. "Hmmm, Bonjour Francis."

"Bonjour Mon Cher. So, did you sleep well?" He asked with a smile, sitting down next to you and continued to pet and scratch your head.

"Very~" You purred.

He chuckled softly and looked around some. "How about I make us dinner? Maybe something you like?"

Your ears perked up a bit. "Okay. Sounds good."

He nods, standing and going to the kitchen and leaving you alone.

Stretching, you noticed your arms getting furry. "Uh-oh..."

You started growing smaller and furrier and sprouted whiskers.

When you pranced over to the mirror, you saw yourself.

A tiny (h/c) kitten with (e/c) cat eyes.

Not again.

This only happens some times, and Francis has yet to know.

Usually, you kept this under control. Apparently not today.

You felt a pair of hands scoop you up. "Well hello. Who are you?"

It was France.


You turn your head to look at him, your tail curling around his gloved hand.

"Do you belong to ______ or did you sneak in here?" He held you to his chest and lightly scratched your head and back.

You let out a tiny meow, purring at the wonderful feeling

"Speaking of her, where is ______?" He continued holding you while looking around.

You let out another meow.

He chuckled softly. "So cute. You almost look like her. If you are a stray, I just might keep you. You're too adorable to give up."

If you were a person, you'd be blushing. He called you cute and adorable.

You did have some feelings for the Frenchman, but he didn't know that.

Anyway, he sat on the couch and continued to pet you and pamper you, making you purr and roll over and relax.

At one point, you put your paws on his chest and started licking his cheek

He let out a small chuckle. "Hey now, that kind of tickles."

You continued to lick him until he picked you up, carrying you into the kitchen and set you on the table. "I just realized, you need something so we can recognize you."

He went into a drawer and pulled out a (f/c) ribbon and carefully tied it around your neck

It fit perfectly and you pranced around on the table, then started playing with a string that just so happened to be there.

He let out a small laugh. "You really are cute. Just like ______. Oh is she so amazing." He got one of those day dreamy looks.

You looked at him, freezing and the string hanging from your tiny fanged mouth.

"I especially like her personality. And her figure and features are gorgeous." He sighed happily and then went back to making dinner.

Silently, you jumped off the table and went to your room. You grabbed a picture of you and France together and dragged it into the kitchen, then let it go to paw France's leg.

He looked down at you and the picture. "Where did you get that?"

You paw at you on the picture and then hopped a bit.

He picked up both you and the picture and then thought for a second.

"Oh don't tell me... Are you?"

You meowed and nodded.

He lightly blushed. "How did this even happen?"

You wiggled out of his grip, and started walking down the counter, pushing a few bottles out of the way and nudged a blue one into view.

He looked at it curiously and picked it up.

It was filled with a clear liquid

You also nudged a small plastic cup into few with a line marked in sharpie that showed how much you needed to take.

Getting the picture, he poured some in and you started lapping it up.

He then watched you as you quickly pounced into the living room and scurried under a blanket.

A minute or two later, you were back to your normal figure, under the blanket, the bow still around your neck comfortably (*cough* clothes didn't change with you *cough*)

You sat up, holding the blanket to your chest and Francis in the doorway to the kitchen. "Gorgeous you say?"

He blushed again. "You remember that?"

You smile and nodded before motioning him over.

He came over and you pressed a kiss to his lips. "You are pretty irrestible yourself."

That made him smile/smirk.

"Well, my pretty kitty, shall you say we have dinner now?"

You nod happily. "We shall, but I need to get dressed."

"I will see you then~" he said and headed to the kitchen.

He was going to be your ball of yarn, without a doubt.
Yay! I got it done early! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to vote, comment, and leave a request!

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