Chapter 5

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Your POV

The next morning, you woke up and levi was still asleep. You touched his cheek.
"Hey. Hey Levi!!" You whispered.
He slowly opened his eyes open.
"Morning..." He yawned.
You smiled and told him the same back.
"Go home and get ready for school ok?" He told you.
You had completely forgotten. You hugged him -as you did you blushed- and you quickly ran out the door, got dressed and drove to school.
There was Annie, waiting for you.
"Hey shit face." She taunted.
You didn't respond and kept walking. She didn't follow you, which was good. But still. After all, if she did lay a hand on you, you had levi.

Classes were boring, but besides that...after school, you stayed outside and waited for Eren to pick you up, since you were running late, Levi took you to school in his car. But he left early, he had to do something. Then you thought about last night and smiled. Last night...That kiss...and I want to see him again and feel happy-

"Hey, Earth to f/n." Jean interrupted you in mid thought.
"Oh, hey Jean." You said nervously.
"So...about that text I sent you..." He laced his fingers with yours. "Do you want to be...girlfriend and boyfriend?" He smiled. He truly looked happy. Shit...shit shit shit. I can't be a jerk to him!
"Hey Jean I'm sorry but-" and right at that moment, Eren pulled up in his car. Thank god.
"But Erens here to pick me up, gotta go!" You said a little too quickly as you ran off to Eren.
"What the hell just happened-" Eren asked.
"JUST STEP ON IT!" You yelled.
And Eren did as he was told.
"You have a lot of explaining to do, and there's a lot of traffic too, so you'll have a long night time to talk and explain every single detail."

So, by the time you got to your house, you had told Eren every detail about Jean; and Eren was shocked.
"I mean he talked about you but, I never knew he liked you." Eren said shocked.
"Yeah. Me too. Could you do me a favor?" You asked as you got out of the car.
"Yeah, what's up?"
"Could you tell Jean that...I'm already dating?"
"Ok. Now I HAVE to hear about this. I'm staying over for dinner. Tell me everything!" He excitedly said as he jumped out of the car.
"Eren, no. Just tell Jean for me ok? I don't want to break it to him, he's always been like a brother to me."
"Fine..." Eren reluctantly got back into his car. "Only for you cause we're friends. You're lucky f/n."
"Thank you! See you tomorrow!!!" You waved as Eren pulled out of your neighborhood complex.

After Eren left, it was getting late, so you decided to go outside and look at the stars, which calmed you down. But not tonight. Tonight, you didn't see the pretty sparkle of the stars and the nice, dark, cool night. You saw flashes of red and blacked out.

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