Chapter 11 - Announcing

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That night, I stayed at Calum's. His parents didn't mind at all. They were used to me staying over all of the time. We hadn't told them about being together yet.

"Mum, Dad, we need to tell you guys something," Calum smiled at them and grabbed my hand.

"We're together now," I told them, looking down at my hand that was entwined with Calum's.

"Oh thats great. I thought you and Katrina were going to get together?" Joy asked.

"No. Like I told you, Kat and I are just friends."

"I've always wanted you two together. You have always seemed to like each other," David mentioned.

"Yeah. I don't know about Aurora, but I've liked her as more than a friend for a while now," Calum explained, and I blushed.

"Actually, I've sort of liked you since we were about fourteen," I admitted.

"Thirteen," he told me.

We smiled at each other before making our way back up to Calum's room. He got out his phone and got onto Twitter. Unexpectedly, he took a photo of me and he put it on Twitter, announcing that we were now dating. It was cute.

I called my mum to make sure that it was okay that I was staying. I also mentioned to her about us dating now. She was excited, just like Joy and David were.

Later until midnight, I stayed up, texting my friend Eleanor. She was so excited about Calum and me getting together. (E=Eleanor, A=Aurora)

E - So I see that you're dating Cal now?

A - Yeah! He wrote a song for me!

E - Really!? That's so cute!

A - He said that he had been working on it with Luke

E - What's the song called?

A - Heartbreak Girl

E - Lyrics please:)

I texted her the lyrics, and she got super excited.

E - that is so cute!!

A - ikr! He played it for me on his guitar and sang it to me. I realized it was about me and I was almost crying

E - Awe, Aurora!!

A - I also think I know who Luke was thinking about when he was writing it with Calum

E - shut up! You said you'd never talk about it!

A - I'm sorry! I just think you guys would be cute together too

E - can we stop talking about that..

A - and talk about what??

E - anything but that

A - okay. Well I'm gonna get some sleep. Ttyl?

E - tomorrow?

A - sounds good

E - ttyl bye

A - bye

I put my phone away and curled up next to Calum. I hugged him from behind and fell asleep that way.


So so so so so sorry for such a short chapter. I had writers block after just getting home from vacation and not knowing what to write.


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