Danielle's Reality

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I updated as promised :) Dedicating this to Jo_is_me_14 and everyone else whom commented!!

Quick Description of Danielle: She looks just like Amber (who looks exactly like Leona Lewis) she just has brown eyes and darker hair. 


Danielle's POV **SHOCKER**

Not going to lie I had plans of taking Cristiano way from Amber because I was jealous of her. Well more of their relationship. Trust me I had I serious in depth plan, I was going all out but I decided against it. I was jealous of their relationship for numerous of reasons. Like the way Cristiano looked at her like she was gold or the 8th wonder of the world. He looked at her the way girls wanted to be looked at but I was not Amber. Therefore what he has with her he will never have with me because I was not her.

Plus, I didn't have it in me to hurt her again especially now that we have actually built up some kind of relationship. I realized that I need her more than I thought I did. We are twins, sisters. We have to have each other's back. I need her now more than ever and I can't let my jealousy get in the way of our relationship again. 

I am jealous of her for so many reasons. All my life I wanted to be her because despite how horrible she thought she had it. She still was better off than me. Why? Because growing up she didn't have mother's attention  the way I did. She had our father's love and I had mother's love. Dad had been easy on her; they played sports outside while mom forced me to learn how to be a great mother, homemaker, and wife.

Amber didn't have the pressure I had. I had to always look good. I had to work out daily, eat next to nothing to stay skinny. Constantly do my hair and make up. Wear heels everywhere. Be up to date on the fashion trends. Cook everything from scratch. Being pretty was torture. I hated it.

I hated having mom constantly on my back about everything. Yeah, mom was bitch to Amber its better that than having someone nagging you all the time. Someone who basically deciding your life for you, yeah Amber had it easy. Amber had freedom to be herself to figure out what she wants. I hated her because I didn't have that.

I do feel bad for the Ethan thing though. I honestly loved Ethan because he saw the pressure I was under and made things easier for me. I liked to believe that he at some point in time actually loved me and that it wasn't all just act like he made it out to be that night we got into a fight after Amber's wedding.


I watched my husband drunkenly stumble out of the reception with some blonde bimbo on his arm. It's so embarrassing to see your husband make a fool out of you and himself in front of the family. I walked out behind them and followed them out to the rental car.

It was so hard to watch the person that I love with someone else. It started to break me. I felt tears roll down my cheeks. I hated this. Just when I thought things were actually getting better between us. 

"My wife is such a prune," he laughed. My heart skipped a beat and not in a good way.

The girl giggled, "Why did you marry her then?"

UGH!! I wanted to punch this bitch in the face. Who the fuck does she think she is. What good self-respecting woman would sleep with a married man!!!

"The money, of course, her mother is loaded from all of those failed marriages. I mean all her husband was rich and they just mysteriously die! Come on that lady has to be packing and she is giving it all to that fucking golden child of hers and then I am going to have my cut. Bet that. I can't wait for a divorce so I can stop pretending that I love this woman and the kids she thinks she has with me," he said.

I stopped in my tracks. Everything stopping. I had this feel in my stomach, its like all of the butterflies in your stomach just dies. I felt like I was going to be sick. I turned around and walked into Benny. Judging by the look on his face, I guess he heard everything. He pulled me into his arms and held me until I got it all out. I felt him pulling me somewhere but I didn't care I just needed to be held.


Thinking back on that night I was so pissed at not him but at myself. I am not mad at Amber, Dad, or Mom. I am mad at myself for being nice, for allowing people to control me, for letting my life fall apart. I am at the point in my life where I don't know what is next. I need to figure it out soon though.

I have two kids now, I love them to death but they are constant reminders of how my life has never been my own and will never be my own. However, I never will regret my kids though. They are my heart and soul. its just my life revolves around them and their needs.

I put my headphones in and turned up Jhene Aiko 'The Worst' on my phone and went for a run. A nice long jog clear my head, I needed to think about what to do next because me and the kids can't stay here forever and Aunt Anna needs to go back to North Carolina soon, she has been a huge help with keeping me here and away from Ethan. We all know that when I see him, I will crumble and forgive him and all of this would be for nothing. I need to do something that I want for a change.

I begun to listen to the lyrics of the song and sung them as jogged. 

Tell me what you say now?

Tell me what you say

Come again?

If you cannot stay down

Then you do not have to pretend

Like there is no way out

I shoulda never let you in

Cause you got me face down

And don't take this personal

But you're the worst

You know what you've done to me

And although it hurts I know

I just can't keep runnin' away

I don't need you [x4]

But I want you

I don't mean to [x4]

But I love you

I could relate to this song so much. I hated everything. I hated him so much. As the song changed to Justin Bieber 'Where R U Now?'. I saw something coming at me in my peripheral. I heard a loud searching noise, then a flash of light and everything went black. 


What do you think of Danielle's backstory? I thought that she was one of my most understood characters and I soon have plans for her role in the story so I thought you should know somethings about her. 

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Thank you for reading!!

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