Chapter 47 - Part 1

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Anakin huddled behind a cubicle with his brother Owen, attempting to breathe as quietly as possible. He wished he could muffle his heart beat, his blood was pumping so loud in his ears.

DarthPwnage's spyder mines had dismembered several terrorists attempting to cross from Building A where he was located, to Building B where his parents were hopefully still alive and being rescued by the strike team. After seeing several of their friends blast apart by mines, several of the terrorists decided to remain in Building A. An RX-9 mining droid was now prowling outside Building B, intent on disintegrating anything that crossed its path.

"How many?" Owen mouthed the words to his brother noiselessly.

Using his cyes, Anakin saw the miners' positions on DarthPwnage's map of the SKYE compound. The three terrorists Owen could see were close enough to be taken out by a mine, but there was a fourth cowering in a cubicle that would have to be taken out separately. Anakin sent the information to DarthPwnage, with a request for assistance.

The slicer replied a half second later, shoot the glass so I can hop a mine in there, and highlighted a glass pane in front of the guards. Anakin motioned to Owen, pointed to the glass pane and mouthed the words "Shoot it."

Owen broke cover and shot the glass plane, dropping immediately back to his knee. The pane super heated and shattered as the stunned Rodians looked over their shoulders in the direction of the blaster fire. They entirely missed the spyder mine sailing through the shattered window. Fire and shrapnel erupted from the mine's body, incinerating the three Rodians in the blast radius.

The remaining Rodian hadn't stopped cowering; if anything, he was even more paralyzed by fear than before. But they couldn't risk it. He had to die. Anakin pointed at the cubicle where the Rodian was hiding, and told Owen to shoot.

The blaster fire ripped through the cubicle wall. The Rodian panicked and tried to run, but Owen caught him first in the shoulder, and then in the torso as the Rodian folded like a ragdoll.

Anakin ran to the shattered window, and told DarthPwnage to activate the smoke mines. In a matter of seconds, glittering smoke clouded the passageway between Building A and B. DarthPwnage had assured them that the glittery substance in the smoke would also obscure them from the mining droids' sensors.

Turning around, Anakin saw Owen stooped in contemplation over the dead body of the last Rodian they had killed. What is he doing?

"Owen - let's go!" Anakin exclaimed, motioning his brother over. Owen's trance broke, and he ran to his brother.

"That Rodian back there - that was Deebu, Anakin," Owen confessed.

A hard look passed over Anakin's eyes, tears blinked back, as he felt friendship, betrayal, and loss, all in an instant; something inside him was cracking.

He said nothing in reply, shutting out the emotions by focusing on the task at hand. The mining droid's red electronic eyes glowed in the haze, searching blindly for a target. The smoke was thick, but through the super-imposed image on his cyes Anakin could see where he was going. Owen pulled Anakin by the hand, and they both made a run for Building B.

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