Kiss Me Forever[Chapter 3]

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It's been a month after Athan arrived. I got on peacefully enough because I did my best to avoid him. Our conversations-if we happen to pass each other at hallways-are obligatory, nothing more.

That's why I was startled to find him knocking on my door today.


"Do you need anything, Prince Athan?"

He whirled around to face me. "No, nothing."

"Then you must have lost your way now, did you?" I watched him as his eyes narrowed. "If you just turn right at the end of the hall, you'd find yourself back to the east wing." I couldn't help but add.

"Damn it, Gaia, stop acting so formal!" He exploded. I tried not to squirm as he stalked over me. "You stand there looking so proper when we both know it's the other way around, right? I know you're only doing that to irritate me-"

"And why would I do that?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe you just want to get under my skin so that I would notice you." He taunted.

"Please!" I threw up my hands in the air in exasperation and stepped around him to enter my room. "You're cocky, do you know that? You think everything is about you! You might have a title but you are still a conceited, arrogant jerk!"

He followed me inside my room. "And you're a hardheaded, frigid woman!"

I froze and suck in a much needed supply of air. Frigid? Frigid?! I could feel my eyes misting over and he must have noticed it for he brought a hand up to appeal more. But before he could say anything else I said in a cool voice, "Are you done insulting me, Your Highness? Because if you are, I would like you to leave my room now."

He turned and walked towards the door. I almost doubled over in pain. He said I was frigid and he's just going away without an apology? Ha! He must've been a bigger ass now than he was all those years ago.

But he surprised me by banging the door shut and swiftly rotating to stare at me. He looked away again as dragged at a hand through his hair and appeared so tired. "I came here to talk to you, alright? I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings with the things I said but..." he shot me a weary glance. "You get on my nerves with your coolness."

I lifted my chin. "But I'm not frigid."

The corners of his mouth twitched a little. "Maybe just a little."

I knew he was teasing but I nonetheless rose to the bait. "No, I am not even in the slightest way frigid."

He raised a brow. "Really? Can you prove that?"

One moment we were standing a several feet from each other and the next thing I knew he was kissing me. And I was kissing him back. The kiss was unlike all our other kisses in the past. I could taste the impatience, the need and the passion. An arm was around my waist, pulling me closer and closer to him, while a hand stroke the side of my face.

My hands were everywhere. His face, his hair, his shoulders. I missed this. I missed being wrapped around a man, being kissed by a man. As we tumble onto the bed, my mind shouted that what we were doing is wrong. But before I could push him away to put an end to our kissing, he let his hands roam over me and I was lost.


Athan's mind could only register a few things: he was kissing Gaia, she still taste as sweet as she looks and that she smells like heaven. He did not even feel her nails dug into his shoulder as he kiss her slender neck.

He was freeing the buttons of her blouse when something tugged on his pant leg. He ignored it and went back to kissing Gaia's pretty mouth as he caressed her here and there. She moaned and sent the blood pounding on his head. But as he kissed her thoroughly this time, the tugging grew more insistent.

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