Chapter 2 - With Every Breath You Take You're Dying

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"Mommy, where's Daddy??" Kenadee asked.

I felt the tears boil in my eyes as Jolie approached Kena in her sparkly angel costume. The guys were standing behind, hoping that what Alex had told them was a lie.

"Kena, i love you, and you're father loved you so much, but something happened, and.... he's.... he's gone, baby girl," Jolie cried, kneeling in front of our beloved Kenadee.

"What??" she asked, tears forming in her adorable eyes.

I couldn't watch this anymore. I run out of the house and into front lawn, falling to my knees.

How could i have been so stupid?? I just left my friends, my wife, my family- my beloved little Kena... I left it all behind now.

I died, and the fact that my daughter, the number one thing that meant so much to me, was crying over my death. Not a scraped knee. Not a lost toy. Nothing of usual childhood.

It was my own death. My own death.

It had started to rain, but i barely felt the rain soaking me.

"I'm so sorry, Kenadee," i cried as i looked at the door, hearing her cry and weep.

This shouldn't have happened. I knew I'd die young, but not like this. I shouldn't have died this soon.

The thought of that little girl crying at my tombstone. I swear, i literally broke down to tears right now.

It wasn't look while i cried, i was having a flashback.


"Mitch, stop!! Just come back inside, please!!" Jolie cried.

"Forget it!!!" I slurred, revving the enging of my motorcycle.

"Mitch, stop it!! You can't drive!!! Jolie shouted over the roar of the engine.

An image of Kenadee popped into my mind as i drove with speed. My coinsience begged me to stop. I couldn't do this. Not to Kenadee.

I pull the break, but then everything was blurry.......

***end of flashback***

I understood. I drank. I was too numb to pull the breaks. I lost control.

I grip to my hairs and let outr a sceam, hoping this was a dream. That i would wake up next to Jolie, alive and heart beating.

But it was impossible.

After a while, i overhear the guys and Jolie discussing about my funeral, have it for this weekend, 7 days from now, and plan a candle light vigil two days before my funeral.

I then watch the guys leave in tears as i walk back in, Jolie crying in the couch, but Kenadee nowhere in sight.

I climb upstairs to her room, finding her sleeping in her bed, her eyes stained with tears.

This shouldn't have happened. Kenadee is the last person i want to see crying.

I lean down and kiss her cheek, even if she might not feel it.

"I'm never goign to leave you, Kenadee. I promise I'll always be with you," i whispered into her ear, stroking her cheek as she slept.

The fact i can't hold her broke me inside more than i can imagine.

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