Red Rain by RickyPine

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Reads before I read it: 90.4k
Votes: 2.45k
Comments: 2k

Summary (exactly what the author writes): Heaven and Hell aren't above or below Earth. If you want to find them, you should be looking sideways.

  Teenage angel Alex Snow has a very weird life- his twin brother Gabe is a demon, he has few friends, he doesn't get out much, his tastes in pop culture are quirky at best...and one of his classmates has just been horribly murdered. Soon more dead bodies start to pop up in town, and Alex and Gabe soon discover that the killer is someone to whom they are inextricably connected, despite having never met.

Something I liked:
It was a great concept.

Something I loved:
Besides Luca. Love how you can see the world as you read.

Something I hated:
Very long chapters. Don't do what I did and try to read it in one setting.

Other comments:
•Love the characters although sometimes the relations weren't explained until much later and I was trying to figure out if they were angels/ demons/ humans?
•Love how it's not so predictable and keeps you on your toes.
•I got a bit mixed up with characters and pop culture references.
•Incredible start for a first book.

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