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Hey guys!

I am so excited to post this new one-shot, inspired by Delta Goodrem's new single, 'Wings'! I have linked nightcore's version of the song, but I do insist you look up the music video on YouTube so you get a better feel for the music and what I've been writing to. This story has been a long time coming and I'm so thrilled to be finally sharing it with you guys.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Thank you so much for all your support!

M. Elyse Lynch

Disclaimer: I don't own the song or the lyrics, that belongs to Delta Goodrem and I don't own the characters, they belong to S.E Hinton. I only own the plot :)


A beating drum
It's in my lungs
I breathe it in, it takes my breath away
I don't look back
It's just a trap
We are all one but we're not the same

A haze. It was all a haze, blurring my vision, clouding my mind as I stumbled along a path I'd wandered numerous times before, the most memorable being the night Johnny'd killed the Soc, my savour from the haunting jail of water, drowning me, smothering me. It was still smothering me, and I was choking, caught in a whirlwind of emotions where no freedom existed. I was clinging desperately to the shattered pieces of myself, willing myself to stay together, for if the shards fell, I knew I'd fall, with the tears that distorted my sight slipping through my fingertips without control.

I was hardly aware of the evening breeze that came fleeting by me, or the final golden glimmers tainting the twilight horizon. I was only conscious of placing one foot in front of the other, following the hidden trail to the train tracks, the destination clear and detailed in my mind. It was a secret place that I'd kept close to my heart ever since Johnny and Dally had left me to fend for myself, traveling there whenever I was begging for an escape. No one had the slightest idea where I was, and even though I hated to cause any worry to my brothers, that night I desired so badly for a getaway, just a moment where time could hold it's breath, just so I could gather myself back up again, or at least what I had left of myself.

I refused to look back, feeling the consistent drum beats of my heart resonating from my chest, my lungs, taking my breath away. I feared I'd be trapped in this pain, this emotional agony forever. I longed for freedom, for a light, for guidance, anything that could lessen the pain, just a little.

I crouched behind the weeds lining the railway tracks, masking myself from view as I waited patiently for the train to come, reminiscing on a time where adrenaline had overruled the ability to think as Johnny and I had waited just as patiently for the train to come, blood coating our hands, running away from the cops, running away from our lives. The memory flooded my mind, sending me back to almost five months ago, remembering the pain I'd felt at the time, remembering the sensation of Darry's strong palm colliding with my skin. Maybe I'd never been free of pain. Or maybe I had been once, when I still had guidance from Mum and Dad, leading me effortlessly through life's darkest hours, showing me the beauty of it all. At that moment, I wished for them so much, just for a second, just for their guidance one last time.

With the whistle growing louder to an ear-splitting screech of metal against metal, the train came to a halt, the air gushing with it causing the weeds to sway momentarily. Without an ounce of hesitation, I leapt out of the undergrowth and charged for the boxcar, my feet leaving the ground only for a second as I dived through the opening, almost exactly like the last time. I pressed myself deep into the corner, allowing myself to become submerged in the shadows as I waited with battered breath for a railway worker to come and poke his head inside. Yet no one came and I allowed a sigh to grace the air as relief washed over me, steadying my wild heart only slightly.

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