Keep running.

Don't be afraid

You'll be fine... We'll be fine

Breath in

Breathe out

This was all i had to tell myself. I was being chased in my wolf form. My inner wolf talked me out of freaking out. If i started freaking out then the wolves would overtake me. I must admit I am the fastest she-wolf ever(: well... that i met. These wolves were huffing and puffing to keep up with me. There were two. One was a gray wolf and the other one was brown. The didn't have small forms or overly big ones. Their eyes were both brown. The gray wolf had a pink nose while the brown wolf had a black one.

That's right boys... try competing with me

'Shut up! Gosh... must you be such a gloater!' I chastised my inner wolf

Oh you know you are thinking the same thing

'Whatever.' I said ignoring her. She could be such a pain in the ass sometimes.

Always listening to my thoughts. Even though I WAS thinking it... i would never admit to her that i was. The forest was starting to look dark and gloomy. I breathed in the scent of the trees, looking for a scent of my family's territory.

i TOLD you that you passed the line but NO you didn't want to listen My inner wolf growled

'And i told YOU that i don't care.. anyways i'm almost home' I smirked at her

WATCH OUT! ADARA! She yelled at me.

WHAT? I shouted before running into something hard..... it wasn't something...... it was someone. Oh. mm . gee.

UGH! We shouted. I fell back and stuggled to keep my eyes open but there were stars in my eyes.

I saw were three figures coming towards me. Two were easily identified as my chasers but the other one.... had piercing pale jade green eyes. I tried to hold on to those pale green eyes. They were the only things that kept me from falling under. They held my eyes and i didn't want them to let go, for if they did than i shall fear myself falling. My hopes plummeted... Next thing i know my vision gets blurry and everything goes black. I kept fighting it until finally succumbed in to the black sea.


"Ugh!" I groaned. I have a killer head ache. I swung my legs up over my black bed and attempted to get up. My attempt didn't work. "Blah" I said to myself as i fell back down on my bed.

Wait. How did i get in my house? How did i get in my bed... fully clothed? I sat up right this time and ran towards my door. I didn't get that far. My ankle was immediately hit with burning pain.

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