How you meet

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Scott: You were the new girl at school but you didn't have a pen. (Lol no)

You were at school in Math and couldn't understand. The bell finally rang and you ran to your locker. "I wonder if I burnt the school down if people would notice..." You say to yourself but accidentally said it more louder than you thought"

"I'm pretty sure people would." Someone says laughing. You turn around and see Scott McCall. "Oh.. H-hey Scott." You say blushing. He's been your crush for a long time and never thought he would talk to you. "Hey Y/N." He says smiling and walks away leaving you standing there smiling like crazy.

Stiles: You were the A+ student. Every test you aced and never failed. You didn't always get a perfect 100 score but always an A grade. There was a AP chemistry test today and you were nervous. You stayed up all night studying and didn't get much rest. You go to class and sit in the way back. The test starts easy but gets harder at the end. You finish not knowing how good or bad you did.

The teacher decides to let another student grade your paper. You passed your test to Stiles Stilinski and he passed his test to you. You smile and take it. He gets a B+. "I wonder how he'll feel about that." You say in your head. He hands you back your paper and you got a B+ too. "Aw man..." You say. He laughs and says "Hey Y/N, maybe we should work on our chemistry together." You blush while nodding.

Liam: Sitting on the bench watching your brother Stiles at lacrosse practice sucked. I mean he was clumsy so he wasn't that good. He misses a shot and you scream at him "COME ON STILES! I SIT ON THIS UGLY BENCH TO WATCH YOU PRACTICE BUT YOU SUCK!"

He looks at you annoyed and screams back "Y/N SHUT UP!" You shake your head and say "FIGHT ME!"

You hear someone laugh. You turn your head to see a boy who just transferred to your school. "Hey... Liam right?" You say.
"Yeah, you're Y/N right?" He says laughing. You nod and he smiles walking off to practice. The whole time you stare at him at practice.

Derek: At home you're sitting on your couch eating pizza. "Y/N, get some exercise please!" Your mom groans. "Mom! I'm perfectly fine! Gosh..." You say but go outside to walk around. You end up not knowing where you're going so you go into the forest. "Uhm.."

You hear noises and panic. You start running but trip and fall. You see a figure standing in front of you. "Who are you?" You say. "My names Derek. Who are you?" He says back.

"Y/N." He nods. "Need help?" He asks. You shake your head and smile at him. "I'm fine thanks." You run back home thinking about Derek. "MOM YOUR ADVICE GOT ME HURT! THANKS A LOT!" You shout but glad you met a cute guy.

Isaac: Being the shy girl you are, you try getting out of a party all your friends are going to. Your friends said that you're going no matter what so you give up and end up going. One problem is your friends didn't mention they had dates. So you were sitting alone like an idiot.

Then a guy comes and sits next to you. "Hey Y/N, my name is Isaac. Don't ask how I know you but I just do ok?" He says.
You giggle and nod. "Hello Isaac." You say.

"I heard you have no date. I don't either. So, I'm going to be your date beautiful." He says grabbing your arm and leading you to dance. He begins dancing and so do you. The night ends up being great with Isaac by your side the whole time.

(lol I think these were at least good XD)

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